(video) Larry Nichols Reveals Hillary's Master Plan

[youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ox-mkejkxjo]Insider Reveals All About Hillary’s Master Plan

The Alex Jones Channel

Larry Nichols exposes Bill & Hillary in this very important film: [REAL History Video] ‘The Clinton Chronicles’ — An investigation into the alleged criminal activities of Bill & Hillary Clinton and their circle of power

(video) Larry Nichols: Hillary Clinton a Satanist — While First Lady, she attended a church for witches and worshiped Satan

THE CLINTON BODY-COUNT — Arkancides Galore!

(video) Mark Dice: Hillary Clinton Admits Illuminati Front Group, Council on Foreign Relations Runs Washington D.C.
Hillary Clinton Admits that the CFR Runs the Government — “We get a lot of advice from the Council, so this will mean I wont have as far to go to be told what we should be doing and how we should think…”
(video) ‘Hillary Clinton Exposed’ – Movie She Banned From Theaters — Deny, threaten and neutralize • “I saw her vent on her husband many, many times … lit into her husband with every profane, four-letter word you’ve ever heard … when the elevator opened they were holding hands and smiling and waiving”

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