FOX Gives Rand the Least Debate Time, Trump Gets the Most, Jeb the Second Most — Marginalizing Rand just like they did Ron in 2008 and 2012

From: (formerly ‘Daily Paul’)

It’s Official: Rand Gets the Least Debate Time, Trump Gets the Most

By Antelmann22 on Thu, 08/06/2015 – 21:29

Surprised? Donald Trump got the most airtime in the top-tier debate, racking up more than 10 1/2 minutes in total. Jeb Bush was in second, with less than nine minutes.

Those two dominated time in the debate, with no one else passing more than seven minutes in air time.

Rand Paul, perhaps the feistiest candidate on the stage — picking fights with Trump and Chris Christie — ended up with the least airtime, at around five minutes. He and Scott Walker were the only candidates who didn’t get more than six minutes throughout the night.…

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