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Published on Mar 31, 2015

Wayne Morin Jr., and Rev. Ted Pike exchanged some insights about the recent ill-conceived rulings by federal judges concerning the issue of homosexual marriage and rights of Christians. Our interview also touched on the failure of state governments – such as California – to defend existing law.

Judicial activism coupled with the unwillingness of those of faith to stand their ground has resulted in too many judicial decisions dismissing the rights of Christians to run their own businesses in accordance with their faith.
The fight is far from over but many in the religious community have capitulated to the LGBT pressure and simply given up. Shame on them.

There is much we, as faithful followers of Christ and patriotic, moral Americans, can do. Rev. Ted Pike’s website TruthTellers.org offers guidance to us to be able to affect our individual’s states’ legislatures and laws. The ACTION PAGE on Rev. Pike’s website is especially helpful to showing us how to reinstate a business owners right to refuse service.

What You Can Do

You can assist revival of workplace freedom in America. First, call your governors office tell them you support Right to Refuse Bill and sign it.

Second, wherever you live, educate your state representatives concerning the vital need to return to the Constitution-based protection of personal property and religious freedom. Call them in support of “right to refuse service” legislation. It will help give a broader, yet more focused perspective to courageous Republican lawmakers trying to do the right thing.

The government does not have the right to force a Christian or anyone to do what they sincerely believe is wrong. The US government has in times past shown itself quite capable of providing exemptions to religious groups. For example, Amish and Hasidic Jews are considered “conscientious objectors” and exempt from military service. State governments could as easily provide “refusal to provide service” exemptions to Christians not only in business but in most professions including public service and government. The medical establishment shows the way: Christians voluntarily agree with the code of their profession to help all in a medical/psychiatric way regardless of their sexual orientation, but many hospitals allow Christian doctors and nurses to abstain from participating in abortions or prescribing abortifacient drugs. Concessions are also made for Christian pharmacists. If it were not for the liberal bias crime agenda of actively forcing Christians to violate their consciences to please the state and its bias/hate crimes agenda, the Kansas and Arizona “right to refuse service” bills could easily pass. Certainly, they would be more logical, Constitutional, and considerate than the opposite totalitarian position advocated by many state governments: that a Christian must violate his conscience by condoning homosexuals or face dire punishment.

What if you had to be forced:

Should a homosexual baker be forced to make a “God Hates Fags” cake for Westboro Baptist church, simply because its members claim to be Christian?

Should a black printer be forced to develop and print thousands of “White Power!” flyers for a skinhead rally just because the potential customer is white?

Should a Christian florist be compelled to create and provide black floral arrangements to a hell-bound customer for her upcoming Satanist ritual?

Should a “progressive,” environmentalist sign-maker be required to design and manufacture “Global Warming is a Farce” signs for a tea-party rally?

Should a Muslim photographer, commissioned by San Francisco’s “Folsom Street Fair,” be forced to document that vile event – rife with nudity and public sex – simply because the customers identify as “gay”?

Should a “gay married” lesbian hotel owner – a card-carrying member of GLAAD – be required, under threat of incarceration, to host and cater a fundraiser for the “National Organization for Marriage,” a group that opposes so-called “marriage equality”?

If you said no to any of the above, and you opposed Arizona’s cowardly vetoed SB1062, then you’re logically inconsistent and need to re-evaluate your position.

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