The Attacks in Paris and the Fraudulent War on Terror by Christopher Bollyn
The young men who carried out the terror atrocity in Paris were obviously radicalized and controlled by an agency that planned and prepared the ‘Friday the 13th’ attacks. Who is the controlling agency behind these ‘mad-dog’ terrorists? One day later, the French president was quick to blame ISIS, although the true identities of the terrorists were not yet even known.
Like the 9-11 terror attacks, there is also the nagging question of motivation. Why would supporters of Islamic State commit a terror atrocity in Paris, to bring the wrath and military power of France down on the heads of their group in Syria and Iraq? How much sense does that make? Do they want to commit mass suicide for the whole group? How would any authentic Muslim group benefit from such senseless terrorism?

So, whose agenda is advanced by the attacks in Paris? Well, as we can see, the ‘Friday the 13th’ terrorism has shot Benjamin Netanyahu’s “War on Terror” to the top of the agenda from the G20 summit in Turkey to the presidential debates in the United States. Bibi must be enjoying his apparent success, but for how long? How long will the world be deceived by the Zionist fraud?
Nations of the West, largely deceived by Zionist terror attacks like 9-11 and Paris, have let themselves be dragged into Netanyahu’s fraudulent “War on Terror,” an artificial conflict which is used to create armies of extremists to keep the whole thing going for decades. To be deceived about the true source of terrorism is to be enslaved to the Zionist “War on Terror.”
There is, in fact, only one way to put an end to the whole bloody fraud. That is to expose and identify the true source of the terrorist deception behind 9-11 and the “War on Terror,” which is why my tour is called “Solving 9-11 Ends the War.”
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