Show Info 5-6-2015 – News, Guest James Perloff
Second Hour Guest
James PerloffIn the second hour, JD is joined by author, researcher and historian, James Perloff, for a discussion about the sinking of the Lusitania 100 years ago, tomorrow. James and I explore the shadowy world of false flag attacks in an attempt to draw focus to those responsible, their methods of operation, and the long term goals they have aspired to for hundreds of years. Only by studying history are we doomed not to repeat it. …
James investigates the global elites agenda to create a new world order through their use of media manipulation, false flag narratives and fictional humanitarian crisis. He uses historical reflection to show that these tactics of control have been used to foment war.
Articles: Did the Cold War End So that the War on Terror Could Begin?The American Revolution, Part I: The Secrets Buried at Lexington GreenA Century of Mainstream Media LiesPearl Harbor: Roosevelt’s 9/11.
Books: Truth Is a Lonely WarriorThe Shadows of Power, and Tornado in a Junkyard.

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