“I believe that knowing the TRUTH about these things is far more important than protecting our carefully nurtured belief that we were on the side of righteousness. I believe that understanding how we were deceived in the past is necessary if we’re to avoid being deceived in the future.”

– William Pierce (1933-2002)

• • •

January 1945: the outcome of World War II has been determined. The Third Reich is in free fall as the Russians close in from the east. Berlin plans an eleventh-hour exodus for the German civilians trapped in the Red Army’s way. More than 10,000 women, children, sick, and elderly pack aboard the Wilhelm Gustloff, a former cruise ship. Soon after the ship leaves port, three Soviet torpedoes strike it, inflicting catastrophic damage and throwing passengers into the frozen waters of the Baltic. More than 9,400 perished in the night―six times the number lost on the Titanic. Yet as the Cold War started no one wanted to acknowledge the sinking. (Death in the Baltic: The World War II Sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloffby Cathryn J. Prince)

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[youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a24juiY_BeA]‘The Titanic and the Wilhelm Gustloff’ (by Dr. William Pierce)

Seth Griffen