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(video) George Noory Disinfo: Why Ex Host John B Wells Left ‘Coast to Coast AM’

John B. Wells new show: Caravan To Midnight

Facebook: Boycott Coast to Coast AM for firing John B Wells

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[youtube=]George Noory ( Shill ) Displays His True Hatred For Ex Host John B Wells

The AntiCoIntelPro Show 


Ted Cruz on EMP Attack: “We need to HARDEN THE GRID to defend ourselves”


(audio) JOHN B WELLS: GEORGE NOORY ONLY HAD 300,000 LISTENERS • “CLEAR CHANNEL is a great, big corporate monster. They’re $21 BILLION in debt. How are you able to keep operating?” • “The only thing SAFE TO TALK ABOUT is that which cannot be proven. As long as you can remain NEBULOUS and theoretical then ‘fine.’ But don’t let any facts interfere with a good story” • “The ONLY REAL RECOGNITION that we see of individual achievement is somehow SPORTS related” • “When PATRIOTISM becomes something that marks you as a psychopath or an undesirable, when to declare that you believe in the Constitution (that makes you radical and potentially some sort of A THREAT), when INDIVIDUAL ACHIEVEMENT is to be SACRIFICED for the so called ‘benefit of the collective,’ you know that that PARADIGM SHIFT is occurring” — Red Ice Radio 2014


  1. Jewels

    Thanks for the comments. I used to be an avid listener to Coast to Coast, but after JB was sacked, there was nothing of any value to listen to any longer. After about 12 years of being a C2C member, quit and signed up for Caravan to Midnight – brilliant Station and as you say, us listeners get some real truth.

    • It’s sad how much George Noory has sold out, while still acting like he’s an honest journalist. I do appreciate him sticking with the EMF topic, though, to get our power grid hardened (for just $2 billion, hardly anything for our government), if he still is. But I’ve hardly listened at all since they fired John B.

      I subscribed right away when John started CTM, and am glad I did. And while George is getting more closed minded, increasingly clamping down on the truth and pushing even witchcraft, John seems to be getting deeper into the subjects that really reveal what’s really going on.

      I miss not being able to post and read comments under the episodes’ videos. Instead of moderating them, they just shut them down. I hope they reconsider.

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