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(video) Illuminati Halftime Show – Gay Pride, Global Citizen, Super Bowl 50 Symbolism, Secrets, and Analysis #SB50 #Halftime

I still don’t approve of Mark’s name calling, but IMPORTANT!

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[youtube=]Illuminati Halftime Show – Super Bowl 50 Symbolism, Secrets, and Analysis #SB50 #Halftime

Mark Dice

Mark Dice

Published on Feb 7, 2016

Here’s the 2016 Super Bowl Illuminati Halftime show breakdown. Media analyst Mark Dice decodes the secret symbols and meanings of Coldplay and Beyonce’s performance at Super Bowl 50. The sun symbols, the rainbow flags and gay pride propaganda was obvious to those who have eyes to see.


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  1. Aiden

    I for one am very proud of how our society has begun to publicize the lgbt community more. Myself being a gay trans man, I caught onto the pride theme pretty immediately. However, I don’t think that the meaning of the halftime show was to demote God in any way. I believe it was leaning more towards the recent legalization of gay marriage in the US, and celebrating that accomplishment.

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