Wise words:

“As long as I’m in service to the One Who put me here, I’m good with that — because you’re not leaving here with any cash in your pocket. And leaving here is not the end of it. I’m convinced of this.”

– John B. Wells @ minute-59

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[youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThhefKLtGbE]John B. Wells, Dark Side of the Entertainment Industry, Breaking Free From Controlled Media

Leak Project

Leak Project

Published on Feb 25, 2016

This podcast is with one of the most iconic and remarkable personalities in the media today, Mr John B. Wells. Many consider John to have one of the most intoxicating voices in broadcasting and a truly unique approach to investigative journalism. So much in fact Mr Wells was given the keys to the Helm of the Largest Syndicated Conspiracy Radio Program in the World “Coast to Coast” Johns hypersonic rise in popularity, combined with his morals and values didn’t go over well with “Clear Channels” Marquee Conspiracy Radio Program.

John then decided to start his own and was briskly asked to step down as host for Coast to Coast. Now Mr Wells hosts a fantastic program called Caravan to Midnight with guests from across the globe – time and space…..

Check out Johns Interviews and Discussions @ http://www.Caravantomidnight.com