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(video) 16-Year-Old German Girl Bibi Wilhailm Pleads to World – STOP DESTROYING GERMANY!!!

Sad, powerful, and wise! Can no longer walk outside without being afraid. She says @18:10:

“I also don’t understand what the politicians even want to achieve with this. … I believe they really want to destroy Germany.” 

They CENSORED her Facebook account AND HER VIDEO!! Video description says:

“The FB account of this young girl and her video has been censored under FB’s new “hate speech” guidelines.

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[youtube=]Bibi Wilhailm – You are destroying Germany! 16 y o girl sheds light upon the refugee crisis


Published on Jan 22, 2016

The FB account of this young girl and her video has been censored under FB’s new “hate speech” guidelines:……

regional press about this issue:…
(published on 22.01.2016)

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  1. 0jr

    First they claimed she was raped and then that they took her video down .She is a jew and wants attention.Jews alsways get police gaurds for thier neighborhoods on demand and even have their own armed gaurds.Why is this story even being reposted after almost a half a year.Thousands of more important posts ,videos,blogs and even websites have been taken down by her tribe

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