World Affairs Brief, May 6, 2016 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.

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This Week’s Analysis:

Trump’s Biggest Weakness

Clinton has Even More Problems than Trump

Transgender Win Won’t Satisfy the Larger Gay Agenda

US Troops on the Ground in Yemen

Thousands Protest Washington State Gun Law

Turkey Threatens the EU with Muslim Refugees

Russia Maps Out Bridges in Estonia

Cameron Hypes Threat of War to Deter Brexit



As a Norwegian Source points out, Russian diplomats have been doing a little intelligence work for Vladimir Putin, measuring and estimating weight bearing capacities of Estonia’s bridges. This is a sign that Russia is making future plans for an invasion of Estonia and the other two Baltic states, now members of NATO.

Russian diplomats have systematically catalogued bridges in southern Estonia along the most likely route of any possible Russian invasion of the Baltic nation, according to secret NATO documents. The survey of bridges was carried out on foot along the main road linking East and West in southern Estonia, according to a NATO counter intelligence report completed in the spring of 2015.

The bridges are located along the major highway running from the Russian border to the Baltic Sea. Just east of the Russian border crossing point is a Russian airborne brigade and a Russian helicopter brigade meant to support the airborne brigade, the NATO report says.