For a few years now, INFOWARS has been shamefully DIVERTING ATTENTION AWAY FROM THE JEWS to blame everything on Islam and Saudi Arabia; though, they’re largely just pawns in the game designed by the Jews to destroy cultures to bring in their Talmudic NWO.

For example, the Mossad and CIA run ISIS and the “moderate” rebels in Syria in order to regime change Syria covertly, like they did Libya. This is creating the migrant crisis that’s part of their design to weaken and conquer.

INFOWARS is sadly now disinfo central, running cover for the evil source of the NWO. They’re even blaming Saudi Arabia for 9/11, when Alex did a video called “Fabled Enemies,” showing Mossad’s fingerprints all over it, before he sold out to stay on the air, or whatever his reason really is.

It’s wrong to accuse “Islamists” for being the masterminds behind multiculturalism when it’s actually the Jews who are using Islamists to dilute European culture, as they say themselves. But INFOWARS and Watson self-censor anything that points the finger at the Jews.

This is lying, and comes from a lack of fear of God. Alex believes in the false doctrine of once-saved-always-saved, so no matter what he does “he’s okay.” But he’s not. He needs to get right with the many he’s hurt over the years, especially recently. He needs to come clean and tell the truth.

We all need to stop covering for Israel, and tell it like it really is. Not much time left. They hide behind the ‘Holocaust,’ and few truthers are willing to tell what really happened.

We need to not let the fear of man or the love of money to stop us from telling the truth no matter what.

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[youtube=]‘Good for You’ by Selena Gomez Parody – Good for Jews (Alex Jones) by Shiksa Goddess


Published on Dec 9, 2015

Lyrics, Performance, and Video by Shiksa Goddess


I’m on my tangy tangerine
I’m on my male vitality
Doing it up with Jakari, oh
Now you say I’m the best host
So good, so good
Make you all fall and believe
My lies, my lies

Gonna wear my info wars shirt, skin-tight
Going to up the subscription price
And tell everyone that it’s the globalist nazis

‘Cause I just wanna be good for jews, good for jews, uh-oh
I just wanna look good for jews, good for jews, uh-oh
Let me show you how I am an info-whore
If I tell the truth I’ll be out the door
And won’t be good for jews, good for jews, uh-oh

I shill for jews and I’m lyin
Oh you know I’m lyin’
I say it’s germanic Death cults, oh
To understand the truth it’s hard
So hard, so hard
Cause I’m a gatekeepr
I won’t, let you know truth

Gonna wear my infowars t shirt , skin-tight
Yell and spit straight into my mic
And tell you that White genocide’s an illusion

‘Cause I just wanna be good for jews, good for jews, uh-oh
I just wanna be good for jews, good for jews, uh-oh
Let me show you how to be an info-whore
If I say it’s the kikes, I’m striaght out the door
then I won’t be a good shill for jews, shill for jews

Trust me, I’m a gatekeeper
Trust me, I’m a gatekeeper
Trust me, I, trust me, I, trust me, I
Let me show you how to be an infowhore
I’m no better than that fat slob michael moore
He’s also good for jews, uh oh