(video) Steve Pieczenik: Serious problems with Gorsuch! | Neocon Jewish Trotskyites the threat! | Cut off ISIS' Mossad and CIA support, instead of sending in Marines

Steve wasn’t saying what Alex wanted to hear, so Alex keeps interrupting and changing the subject. Alex protects the Talmudists.
Pieczenik on from 1:39:30-2:05:30
Gorsuch is a pro-torture neocon.
Neocons are the threat, not the Democrats.
1:51:25 neocon Jewish Trotskyites
Actually stop ISIS, not by fighting them with Marines. Cut off their Mossad and CIA support.

• • •

Starts @ 1:39:30


Alex Jones (FULL SHOW Commercial Free) Thursday 3/23/17: Nick Begich, Steve Pieczenik, Jon Rappoport

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