(audio) Gerald Celente w/ Jeff Rense: ‘Another Obama,’ Chocolate Cake, and ‘It’s Fun To Shoot People’

“It’s a military takeover of America.” – Gerald Celente

“He’s another Obama. He lied his way into office.” – Gerald Celente

Is Trump a hustler, and he conned us the whole way?


Secretary of Defense General James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis: It’s a Hell of a Lot of FUN to Shoot People – a Hell of a HOOT! — His comments were met with LAUGHTER and APPLAUSE from the audience

Trump’s Syria Attack Trampled Many Laws — As the media hails Trump’s missile strike on Syria there has been almost no attention to either the truth about its justification or the myriad of laws violated in its execution

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Jeff Rense & Gerald Celente – Chocolate Cake, *ssholes, And ‘It’s Fun To Shoot People’

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