(audio) Dr. Nick Begich w/ John B Wells – 3/30/17 – Caravan To Midnight

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“I look in a person’s eyes and see potential, what they can be.”

“Who we are are living souls that should connect with each other in a real sense, and should encourage the truth in each other to come out, rather than recognize where we disagree. Find out why, and the disagreements begin to evaporate.”


Episode 715 – Dr. Nick Begich

Thursday March 30th 2017

In this edition we welcome first-timer Dr. Nick Begich to enlighten us on several different topics ranging from brain performance to gaming research, electronic telepathy, left and right brain coordination, and tribalism. But first, friend of the Caravan Jack Sen comes aboard during the news section to discuss the latest developments of Brexit, while also surprising us with how long Great Britain has been a part of the European Union.

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Dr. Nick Begich

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