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    1. Jim,

      I think you’re right. It’s very likely that those internet companies which end up being the giants had CIA help and funding, to come out on top, and then stay on top. The article he’s referring to is quite extensive. I’ll post it once I get through it all. I may just listen to it on text-to-speech, it’s that long.

      By the way, I’ve been meaning to mention this, because you’re a video guy. Are you aware of this?:

      Save Time! Listen at 1.25X or 1.5X speed, even sometimes 2X!

      This saves me all kinds of time. We can dial in the speed depending upon the speakers cadence and ease of understanding.

      I recently saw Oliver Stone’s “Snowden” movie. It’s excellent, if you haven’t seen it; though, NSA is likely still recording every single phone conversation in its entirety, and all emails, and everything else, for forever in their giant facility in Utah.

      I have a particular beef about Google, because they destroyed my favorite photo software program that I mastered and loved so much, Nik Software. They bought it in order to get Snapseed, and are letting the pro program die. So they’re locking up the technology that only this software is allowed to use, because of the patent. And they don’t care about us photographers. I sometimes try to be a fine art, still photographer, mostly of nature and cityscapes, here in Alaska.

      Google lied about how they were going to develop it, and how we shouldn’t worry. Finally, many years later, they recently said they’ll no longer support it. Ughhh.

      It sounds like that one people group that is anti-Christ and destructive. They don’t care about beautiful nature photography being as beautiful as it can be, to glorify God. They’re mostly into modern art, which is part of what is destroying European culture.


      1. Jim, in case you haven’t tried it yet, I forgot to say that this method of speeding up YouTube videos doesn’t change the pitch at all, so voices sound natural, as long as a browser other than Safari is used. Safari muffles the sound somewhat; though, it’s still somewhat listenable.

        I changed the title to indicate the pitch is not changed: https://tobefree.press/2016/07/19/how-to-change-the-playback-speed-of-a-youtube-video-tutorial


  1. Jeff
    Just like to say I’m glad you came along with your site….you do a great job with it.
    We have to keep fighting the Synagogue of Satan as best we can.
    When I want to listen to a long video or book I get it in mp3 put it on my handheld recorder and play it on a faster speed. I have all the major audios like Ben Bradberry’s book The Myth of German Villainy, The Greatest Story Never Told, and some others that I listen to when on a plane or driving a great distance. Sure saves a lot of time playing them in a faster speed. You youtube link is great thanks.

    No surrender!


    1. Jim,

      I’m glad you found my site too. I’ve watched a lot of your videos, and have posted many. Few are as dedicated as you. I also believe the ‘Holocaust’ is a very important subject, and it baffles me that most truthers won’t discuss it, and many won’t even watch a 5-minute video which might put them over the edge…. It’s like taking the red pill in The Matrix. Hardly anyone is willing to take it. They’d rather live in la-la land, eating fake steak, like the guy in the movie.

      That’s cool how you listen to books at faster speed. Last year, I tried to find programs that speed up mp3s on the computer, and I couldn’t find anything that’s user friendly for the Mac. So I’m stuck listening in real time.

      I’ve mentioned a few times to John B Wells to have you on Caravan To Midnight, but he still won’t touch this aspect of real history. I’ve recommended Germar Rudolf too to him. He’s had on Mike King, and has read “The Bad War,” which he probably now knows has been banned from Amazon. I’m still hoping and praying that he’ll have you and/or Germar on. How bad does it have to get before truthers are willing to go for broke, instead of being concerned about their ratings and how much money they’ll make off of truthing?

      Too many chickens out there, which I find disgusting. They keep rehashing the same old topics, instead of breaking the ground that needs breaking in order for the Talmudists to be found out as the chief architects of this globalist takeover.

      I think it’s the Babylonian Talmudic thought that Jesus warned about, saying “beware of the leaven of the Pharisees.” They wanted Jesus to lead them into supremacist rulership on earth, while Jesus said “my kingdom is not of this world.”

      They’re still trying to build this NWO kingdom, and the truthers refuse to even look at what is now fact about the ‘Holocaust,’ and who is behind the false flags, including 9/11, and how sick Talmudic Judaism really is.

      Once the truth about the ‘Holocaust’ is made known, that could shock many evangelicals out of ‘Christian’ Zionism. They’ve been deceived into “blessing Israel to get blessed” (Gen. 12:3 twisted, which was about Abraham, not Talmudic, modern day Israel), instead of obeying Jesus’ command to love our neighbors as ourselves, and “blessed are the peacemakers.”

      Few ‘Christians’ are really following Christ. Exposing this deception, what Jesus called “the synagogue of Satan” is extremely important!

      Thanks for being fearless and an example to many. They should be ashamed — those who self-censor — cowards.

      No surrender!

      Jeff : )

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