(vid) States Rights? – Alaska Rep. Don Young apologizes to Washington state congresswoman – What really happened

According to the Constitution, there shouldn’t be any federal ownership of land in Alaska, so also no federal rulership of it. It’s up to Alaska to decide.

The congresswoman from Washington state thinks otherwise, as the Constitution isn’t followed much these days. 84-year-old, 23 term congressman Don Young gets upset, breaks protocol and even uses an expletive, which he knows full well is wrong. And then says he didn’t say ‘damn’ when he clearly did.

The house suspends discussion for five minutes, after which Don Young apologizes, which definitely does appear genuine, and is accepted. But will the media play the footage of the apology? No way. We an watch it here though.

Here is the entire interaction, how it really went down:

Young Amendment 43 Debate

Uploaded on Sep 8, 2017

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