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In this third week after the Las Vegas mass shooting, more video evidence continues to emerge proving that there were multiple shooters and that multiple destinations were attacked, not just the Mandalay Bay and its neighboring Route 91 Festival. documents the video evidence of 17 ambulances pulling bodies out of the Hooters Casino.

On the night of October 1, Youtuber Benjamin Franks and his friend had just grabbed some tacos and were heading back to their hotel room at the MGM when they noticed a separate disturbance at the corner of Las Vegas Blvd and Tropicana Ave.

15-minutes later, from the leisure of his hotel room, Franks managed to capture bombshell video footage which shows a total of 17 ambulances removing human bodies from Hooters, contradicting the official story told by Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo.

Franks’s footage is absolute proof that the Los Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and the FBI are lying to the general public and have not been forthcoming about all of the events that occurred that night.

Astonishingly, this all dovetails with an Oct. 14 Intellihub report which documents how an eyewitness explained in a radio interview that one of his girlfriend’s friends witnessed a ‘solo SWAT guy’ enter the back door of Hooters.

In the article I wrote: “A few moments later (after the gunfire in the venue subsided), Rick met back up with all five members of his group near a sign that they used for a “landmark” which was located between Hooters and Motel 6 which is when a “frantic stampede” fled Hooters.

“[…] there was a bunch of people trying to get the hell away from Hooters so we did too,” he explained. “So we started running again.”

Rick also pointed out that at one point he had witnessed “SWAT” guy enter Hooters through the back which he thought was suspicious. The scene was fluid and rapidly changing. Nobody could be trusted.

Another video surfaced showing a bullet hitting a fabric covered fence from left to right. The Mandalay Bay hotel is clearly visible on the right, so the shot could not have come from that building. One savvy subscriber thinks this is what happened:

I believe that the room next to his which [was] connected was occupied by the FBI’s team [or other mercenary hit men] who when the time was right, gained access to paddocks room, moved the guns and ammo and ultimately killed him in the room. Then once the time had come, blew out his window as well as the window in the connecting room. So when cops breached his room it was evident that indeed that is the window being shot out of. They rigged his door so it was easy to tell which room was being occupied by the “shooter”. When really and truly the actual shooting had occurred in the connected room. This is why in the photos of paddocks room there are very few shell casings.

It is also why the hotel won’t be allowed to release security videos showing who entered these rooms. You can now understand why federal agents confiscated all videos on the laptops and cellphones of employees of the Route 91 Festival. The FBI has also commandeered all the security videos from the Mandalay Bay hotel, and their backup tapes, leaving no evidence behind.
However, thanks to several civil suits being filed against the casinos, a federal judge has ordered the casinos to retain all evidence, but the feds can thwart that order. Channel 3 of Las Vegas reported that,

Mandalay Bay and its corporate owner MGM Resorts have been ordered not to destroy anything that could be considered evidence in a civil negligence trial over events related to the Route 91 music festival. The order was sought by attorneys who represent Rachel Sheppard, a California woman who survived the attack, despite being shot in the chest three times.

That brings up a good question. How does a single victim get shot 3 times in the chest from a claimed bump stock automatic weapon which has a highly erratic field of fire? A bullet match to the weapon would surely show that these rounds were not fired from any of Paddock’s semi-auto weapons found in the room (with very little spent brass). Of course, none of that forensic evidence will be preserved for public scrutiny.
I also doubt that the FBI will give back the confiscated security tapes to MGM. In fact, that may have been one of the reasons why the FBI confiscated all the tapes before the judge’s order. Now, Mandalay Bay/MGM can claim they no longer have the evidence.

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