(audio) Real-historian James Perloff: Christianity and the Truth Movement, Syria…

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James Perloff: the Truther Movement and Syria

Jim Duke Perspective
Published on May 13, 2018(audio) Real-historian James Perloff: Christianity and the Truth Movement
Jim and James discuss James Perloff’s recent blog articles on the Truther Movement and its relationship with Christianity, and also on the Syria conflict and his insight after speaking with several who are directly connected.
This episode explores the need for the Truther community, its impact with others, and the opposition against it, as well as why it should be compatible with Christianity. James speaks about the Luciferian agenda and the New World Order, the attack on Christianity, and how it relates with what is going on today.
James Perloff brings insight based on solid facts and research and has evidence to back up what he presents. His website is https://jamesperloff.com

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