Lisa Murkowski Exposed: FEC Decision Clears Joe Miller’s 2016 Campaign of All Complaints; Shows Blatant Lies Used for Political Effect, Extreme Alaska Media Bias


Lisa Murkowski Blocked Effort to Protect US Power Grid — “Within 12 months of an EMP attack or a massive solar flare, between two-thirds to 90 percent of the U.S. population would perish!”

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Joe Miller wrote on Facebook on 6/29/18:

So if you want anyone to blame for (1) Roe v. Wade remaining legal (Murkowski being the deciding vote on Trump’s Supreme Court nominee); and (2) Obamacare not being repealed (she was the deciding vote), call the Chair of the Alaska Republican Party, Tuckerman Babcock. He’s the one who – under oath – claimed my campaign committed egregious campaign violations. And, of course, the Alaska media took it and ran with it.

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FEC Decision Clears Joe Miller’s 2016 Campaign of All Complaints; Shows Blatant Lies Used for Political Effect, Extreme Alaska Media Bias

In a decisive rebuke to Alaska Republican Party Chairman Tuckerman Babcock and Senator Lisa Murkowski, the Federal Election Commission has dismissed the party’s 2016 complaints against Joe Miller. Clearly, the allegations were trumped-up with intent to further a smear campaign inaugurated against Miller in 2010 and damage his electoral prospects.
There were several alleged violations in the ARP complaint, most dealing with Joe Miller’s website owned by Restoring Liberty LLC of which Miller is the sole proprietor.
Alaska Republican Party Chairman Tuckerman Babcock falsely claimed in a sworn affidavit that Joe Miller, his campaign committee, his corporate entity, and/or corporate donors to his corporate entity:
· Made illegal corporate contributions to the Miller campaign
· Illegally accepted in-kind contributions from corporate sponsors
· Illegally accepted other unlawful in-kind contributions
· Accepted campaign resources from corporations without paying fair value
· Transferred use of corporate social media accounts without paying fair value
· Advertised for donations on his corporate website without paying fair value
· Made numerous solicitations for campaign contributions without proper disclaimers
· Utilized campaign material without proper disclaimers
· Solicited donations via radio communications without proper disclaimers
· Failed to properly disclose campaign receipts and expenditures
· Fabricated certain in-kind donations
None of which the Federal Election Commission found to be true.
Given the nature of this corporate entity, a candidate’s ability to legally self-fund without limit, the lack of any substantiated violations of required reporting, and the press exemption in the law, the FEC finding determined: “ . . . the circumstances in this case support dismissal . . . [and] an enforcement action would not be an efficient use of the Commission’s resources.”
Regarding the disclosure allegations, the finding was that “the information in the record suggests that the Committee sent a single email with an inadequate disclaimer, but the mistake was quickly identified and corrected. In addition, the email identified the Committee as the sender and included the Committee’s mailing address, thus recipients had some information as to who was responsible for it. There is no information indicating the Committee’s other communications violated the Commission’s disclaimer requirements.”
FEC findings also addressed the allegation that Citizens for Joe Miller failed to report, or misreported contributions.
“The reporting allegations appear to be unsupported. The Committee reported the in-kind contributions for the use of Miller’s vehicle and campaign headquarters, and although the Complaint alleges that some of those reported amounts were too high, the information does not indicate that those amounts were unreasonable. Additionally, there is no information showing that the Committee inflated the value of any in-kind contribution in order to reimburse Miller for more than its value.”
It is clear from the FEC ruling that the Commission deemed them, at best, irrelevant and without merit.
Nevertheless, in making their false charges, Tuckerman Babcock and Lisa Murkowski (on whose behalf these dirty tricks were executed) have demonstrated again a willingness to play fast and loose with the truth, as well as a blatant disregard for good faith and fair dealing. It appears their complaint was filed simply as a political weapon without regard for its veracity.
Is this the way Alaska Republicans want to be represented by their leadership?
Miller spokesman Randy DeSoto noted that “much like the liar fliers sent out with apparent laundered money from the Murkowski campaign, these charges were obviously an attempt to gain unfair advantage in a federal election and deflect attention from ARP’s dirty dealing. This is absolute vindication for Joe Miller.”
Desoto is right. This federal decision once again underscores the mendacity of the Republican Establishment, and their willingness to lie, cheat and steal, if necessary, in order to prevail at the ballot box.
Sadly, the mainstream media swallowed their lies as fact, gave them the headlines they were looking for, and confirmed that they are indeed #FakeNews.
“It was clearly a calculated effort to further a false narrative hatched by Lisa Murkowski in 2010,” said Joe Miller. “The dishonesty of this cabal is notorious, and the mainstream media gladly rewards their treachery. No longer the guardian of free and fair elections, the fake news has become an agenda-driven corporatist enterprise that acts out much like a SuperPAC would, and always in the favor of entrenched power. Speaking truth to power is a thing of the past with respect to the press, unless there is convergence with the progressive agenda.”
A quick google search for “Federal Election Commission complaint, Alaska Republican Party” reveals the following headlines: “Alaska Republican Party Files Elections Complaint Against Joe Miller” (KTUU); “FEC Accepts Alaska GOP Complaint Against Joe Miller” (MustReadAlaska) [100% misleading]; “Alaska GOP Says Joe Miller Broke Campaign Finance Laws” (Alaska Dispatch News, aka; “Alaska GOP Accuses Joe Miller of Campaign Finance Violations” (Alaska Public Radio, aka; “Alaska Republican Party Claims Joe Miller Violated Election Laws” (KTVA); “Alaska GOP Chair Files Election Complaint Against Miller” (Fairbanks Daily News-Miner); “Alaska GOP Files Complaint Against Libertarian Joe Miller” (Roll Call).
Not a single headline about a still-pending FEC complaint filed on the same day against Lisa Murkowski and her shill front group Alaska Republican Party. And remember, this search didn’t even include Joe Miller’s name.
Any impartial observer would have to admit this is anything but fair coverage, and now it has also been revealed to be false and misleading.
If your politicians lie to you with impunity (and most do these days), it is only because their enablers in the mainstream (read corporate) press empower them to do so. Stop believing the fake news. The future of our Republic depends on it.
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