(vid) Brian Ruhe Confronts Jordan Peterson with the Jewish Question — and many Canadians waiting in line

Brian is courageous while demonstrating his kind heart! Amazing!
When he put on his Nazi pin though…. And then took it off when he saw the police arrive.
Hitler should not be idolized. He did many things wrong; even though, the cause to save Germany from the Talmudists was just — what TalmudVision never presents.
Brief facts:
Hitler did not start WWII. England declared war on Germany. And Hitler did not have a world domination plan. Hitler tried to make peace with England two dozen times, which the Talmudic controlled Churchill rejected.
Churchill started the bombing of civilians in cities, which they built specifically designed bombers for. Germany had no such planes. The Allies murdered 1 million German civilians in this way.
Hitler did not have a ‘Jewish’ extermination plan. ‘Jews’ who died in the camps died from Typhus and/or starvation, largely because England and the USA destroyed the supply lines to the camps.
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Video HERE:


Brian Ruhe

Jordan Peterson collapsed before Brian Ruhe. He could not look me in the eye or even face me. He had to turn his back. He lost. I won. Please copy and share this video widely and make it go viral! In this video I worked the crowd at the Jordan Peterson/ Sam Harris event in Vancouver Saturday and Sunday June 23 -24, 2018. Thanks to Diane Chase for her filming and editing work.

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