Skousen: US is Dangerously Close to Democratic Tyranny — The corruption of society through bad education, movies, and television has taken decades to achieve

World Affairs Brief, June 7, 2019 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.

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I can’t emphasize enough the seriousness of our situation in this country if we continue down this path to democratic socialism, and the erosion of what used to be a majority of conservative voters in this country. We are probably one or two election cycles away from having a president and Congress all controlled by Democratic socialists, mostly of the Democratic Party but joined by liberal Republicans. The courts are already controlled by the Deep State.

Think about how quickly they can pass draconian gun control, a single payer government medical system, and higher taxes (including confiscatory estate taxes). Think how quickly they will follow Canada’s lead in banning religious leaders from speaking critically about homosexuality or abortion. That is where we are headed.

Suddenly America will wake up to the horrors of raw democracy and why those who have conspired to control this country have been so dedicated to gaining the allegiance of a majority of voters. Yes, the Deep State can do what they want against individuals but to change the entire nation and its laws, they need to corrupt the majority of voters.

This nation’s traditional conservative majority has slowly been under attack by the twin evils of unlimited immigration and the dumbing down of our children through the insidious lure of “free public education.” Public education was long ago captured and converted into a tax-paid propaganda machine by those who conspired to convert America into a socialist democracy.

When I was going to public schools, only a small minority of students were converted to socialism by “liberal” teachers, where were trained at leftist universities. There seemed to be some residual consensus among parents—who were hard working and honest people—that it wasn’t right for government to take from the productive and hand out freebees to people that were generally undeserving. Those common sense views seemed to rub off on their children.

But that wasn’t good enough to preserve liberty. Few parents in those days could articulate the arguments of why raw democracy and social redistribution were evil and why they corrupted people. Thus, as newer generations were subjected to the indoctrinations of public education, from an ever-more leftist academia, more were converted. They, in turn, became parents and did less to counter what their children were learning in the one-sided curricula of “social studies.” The restrictions of the constitution on government were derided or never taught at all.

Now, a vast majority of public school students come out socialist in orientation, even though few can actually recognize that what they have absorbed is the Fabian variety of socialism—private ownership but heavy government control. Even president Trump in his vow that “America will never be a socialist country” doesn’t recognize how much socialism we have and how much he himself has promoted it in his health care proposals.

And, it is not just the economic disinformation that has influenced the up-and-coming generations. They have all been subjected to an avalanche of social doctrines and political correctness that enforces a kind of uniformity or “group think.” Critical thinking is only allowed when targeting traditional moral values and conservative thought. No one is allowed to think critically about other’s flaws, let alone flaws that might be associated with classes, cultures or race. Everyone is now being forced to conform to the dogma of universal tolerance and acceptance of evil.

That said, the corruption of society through bad education, movies, and television has taken decades to achieve. Illegal immigration is the way they have chosen to accelerate the demise of conservative majorities, and that is why there is such a concerted effort to deny any attempt by conservatives to keep illegals and other benefit-corrupted groups of non-thinking people from voting.

No nation can survive a corruption of its people, but its effects can be muted or delayed for decades if you have a requirement that all must qualify to become a voting citizen, by both a knowledge of what are the limitations on lawmaking and having everyone commit to not violating those limitations. That means, even children of citizens have to qualify at the age of maturity (e.g. 18 years) to become full voting citizens. No one gets full citizenship by birth alone. That way, the ignorant and corrupt in society can’t vote, and liberty gets a much longer lease on life by an informed electorate.

America, sadly, now resembles more of a raw democracy than a constitutionally restricted Republic as the founders intended. Madison and Jefferson already knew the dangers of democracy and that is why they created a Republic, run by landowning representatives who had a stake in free markets. They even had a financial means test for voting, so that non-taxpayers didn’t have the power to force taxpayers to hand over their money.

But, flawed as this initial attempt at qualification for voting was, it didn’t last, and slowly the constitutional restrictions on unlimited majority rule have all been ruled unconstitutional. This is due to the following primary reasons:

1) The courts have slowly interpreted away almost all the constitutional defenses against restrictions of voting to citizens (banning voter ID) and qualified taxpayers. The courts have improperly allowed the federal government to redistribute private wealth to favored groups, using the taxing power. The founders never intended non-taxpayers to be able to force taxpayers to provide them benefits via the vote.

2) The constitution itself is flawed in failing to prevent interpretive abuse. It did not provide a legal definition of what constitutes a fundamental right—so essential to defining the proper role of government. This hole in the legal structure has allowed the courts to invent false rights which infringe on true rights (e.g. the false right of abortion which violates the right to life of the fetus). We now have de-facto “rights” to not be discriminated against, to not be offended, to have free education, and free medical care—all violations of our fundamental rights to choose, discriminate, and not have our property redistributed to others against our will.

3) The constitution also failed to establish any qualifications for citizenship (other than the flawed means test) so the lack of constitutional education cannot be recouped as it could be if people had to study, prepare and qualify for citizenship.

I fully realize that there is no chance to ever enact citizenship by qualification when the courts won’t even allow states to require proof of citizenship to vote, but it is important to understand the flaws in constitutional wording that lead to loss of liberty through tyranny by the majority. If we ever do get another chance to carve out a nation with liberty, we will need people who know how to avoid the mistakes of the past.

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