“San Francisco Mayoral Race for November 5 2019 Got Ugly!” Ellen Lee Zhou Running for Mayor

Serious, glorious, spitfire lady with a vision — getting a lot of hate thrown at her!

“No more feces, no more drug needles [provided by the government].”

“San Francisco Mayoral Race for November 5 2019 Got Ugly!” Ellen Lee Zhou Running for Mayor

Stefan Molyneux

Ellen Lee Zhou Talks About Running for Mayor of San Francisco!


Dear San Francisco Voters,

San Francisco (SF) has been declined in basic services such as education, law enforcement, transportation, public safety, housing, health care, taxation, voter rights, home ownership and so on. It is time for you to vote for a change!

SF has been a lawless city for years. We have no rule of law in SF! SF has about 900,000 residents, with a $12.3 billion-dollar budget a year and almost 32,000 government employees, no one should suffer and die on the streets! Yet, we have 21,000 homeless suffering and dying on the streets! 25,000 drug abusers, users and dealers dominate our streets and the government / taxpayers pay for the free illegal drug needles that support drug dealers! The government gives out five million free needles a year and collects less than half of these free needles back! Car break-ins are non-stop daily. The government lacks solutions to solve crimes that target minority people! Many tenants are abused by failing housing polices with the lack of affordable housing at the same time, we have 50,000 plus apartments unable to be put on the market to help teachers, workers and families.

The rich grows richer and the poor become poorer! The working families are struggling paycheck to paycheck! If you don’t like what you see, vote for me Ellen for Mayor! Together, we will rebuild a government with law and order to protect our wealth and health!

The current administration does not follow the United States Constitution putting your and my health and wealth at risk. We are not protected by our current administration! It is time for you to stand up and say no to an out-of-control mono-party government! We, the people formed this country, state and city! We, the people government, are the solution to winning back San Francisco! I will reform government with ethics and integrity to protect the public!

As you may know, SF has been operated by a small group of elites “pay to play” for too long. For years, SF has been controlled by Super Action Committees (PACs). In 2018, the Ethics Commission Department reported that $4.16 million was paid to matching funds. Why are they using our public money ($4.16 million public money) to run for public office? Who created such law? For the last 45 years, SF has been operated by mono-party! It’s about time to change!

I personally found one thing in common with PACs. The more public matching funds the City provides, the worse the City gets! This is evident in Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco and many other blue cities as well. Who created such a rule for matching funds? You should do your homework if you care about SF.

Come and volunteer and join me to take back SF from the people who paid and bought the city. We must stand up and fight back to rebuild our government with love and hope, created by the people, for the people and run by the people. Vote for me Ellen for Mayor, so that I will re-direct our city with rule of law. I will enforce law and order to protect our city!

If we continued to sit on the side lines, idly watching but not acting to stop the bad seeds in the SF political climate, more problems will come to SF. For 45 years, SF has been operated and controlled by the mono-party. The last non-democrat mayor was 55 years ago!! The last non-democrat Supervisor was 45 years ago which means, for the last 45 years, we, the people have lost our voice and lost our republican form of government in SF. When you elect me into the mayor’s position, I will rebuild the City with a balanced voice from different political parties that balance a people government!

Have you paid attention to California’s election fraud? Ballot harvesting? The list of fraudulent practices including:

• deceased people still able to vote

• non existing people still able to vote

• non-eligible immigrants able to vote

• Same day registration voters.

The list goes on ……

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