“The Myth of the Lone Vegas Gunman – Jake Morphonios at Red Pill Expo”

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After Jake took down his videos to save his YouTube channel, which is I think what happened, he hasn’t said anymore about Vegas, that I’ve seen, until last night. I was hoping he’d summarize what he thinks actually happened, but this presentation was mainly just an overview of what he already posted.

Jake posted this video for only 3 hours on his 333 YouTube channel. He says he’ll upload to it to his regular channel today, and again soon delete it, so he doesn’t get a strike, after which it will be on Patreon. Apparently, he will not post it on his Bitchute channel.

Jake was asked to speak at G. Edward Griffin’s most recent Red Pill Expo in Nevada (just a few days ago), but couldn’t make it. So he put together a video about the Vegas shootings instead, which was played at the event.

Jake said he posted over 100 videos on Vegas on his YouTube channel, having more than 50 hours of content, of which I watched either all of them or close to it. He has some up on his Bitchute channel. Many of these were his own on-the-ground reports and interviews.

Because Jake covered this event so extensively, I’ve always longed to hear his conclusions, and hoped to hear them in this video. Here, he showed clips of concert attendees who heard shots coming from other than Mandalay Bay, and then spent a lot of time showing proof that shots were fired within and outside of some of the other hotels, mostly after ‘Paddock’ was already dead. Jake also played some of the police dispatch audio stating shootings at various hotels.

Jake doesn’t explain how there could be so much shooting after the concert shooting was over, since we don’t know of any confirmed deaths or injuries from these shots. Were they all blanks? I would still like to know.

Jake says social media is scrubbing the reports of multiple shooters in Vegas, but I just did a search for <Gio Rios>, and some videos of his testimony come up on the first page.

At 1:15:28, Jake this about Israel in general: “Israel is the cancer in the heart of America. Israel is going to be our downfall.”

I also believe the soul of the NWO is Talmudic driven, the NWO, power over others, Talmudic, “leaven of the Pharisees” Jesus warned about.

Jake did not say Mossad was behind the Vegas event, and didn’t mention who he thought was.

Though this presentation was a good overview of some of what he has shown before, nothing was new. Overall, it was a disappointment.

I’d still like to hear what he thinks actually happened.

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