Jake Morphonios’ Las Vegas Shooting Investigation Conclusions 11/12/19

Jake posted this video for a few hours on 11/12/19, which I report on below.

🔴 The Myth of the Lone Las Vegas Gunman Debunked – Jake Morphonios Red Pill Expo

Jake was asked to speak at G. Edward Griffin’s most recent Red Pill Expo in Nevada, but couldn’t make it. So he put together a video about the Vegas shootings instead, which was played at the event.

In this presentation tonight, which he says will only be up for a few hours because of YouTube’s censorship, Jake played the video he made for Red Pill, and then gave some of his conclusions at the end, thankfully!

I’ve been long waiting for Jake give us his conclusions, since he did more research than almost anyone, including on the ground. He posted over 100 videos on the event (of which I probably watched them all), more than 50 hours, he said in his first presentation like this on his Jake 333 channel, which I reported on here.

Jake suddenly went under the radar, not mentioning Vegas, which he explained tonight why, reported below. Many of his original video reports are on his Bitchute channel.

Since tonight’s presentation may not be available again anywhere, I took notes, which are below. In his previous presentation, he didn’t lay out his conclusions afterward, like he did here.

The Red Pill Expo video that he played doesn’t contain conclusions, just evidence. What he said after the video tonight was what I was looking for. And this time, I looked at what he said in the chat.

I appreciate Jake’s diligence in all of this, and the support he had from his family despite all of the threats. I’m really glad he finally told us what he thinks actually happened. This was a very difficult even to figure out.

I’d like to know what agency or agencies he thinks were involved, but still can’t say. As I reported, he did mention Israel in his previous presentation, but didn’t tie them to the event.

Important points Jake made tonight:

Jake deleted all of his videos so he could apply for monetization, which never happened.

Jake can’t explain the discrepancies between the autopsy reports and what we see in the photos. He thinks there may be an explanation that he’s just not seeing yet, because Paddock was a messed up man.

The echos could explain why some of the witnesses thought there were multiple shooters shooting into the venue. Audio reports may support anomalies.

Based on the official timing for the door locking of the adjacent room, it appears another person was in that room.

Jake got in trouble with the FBI when he followed the credit card trail which showed the rental cars’ routes, “and comparing that to the operations of certain agencies.” And that’s all Jake will say, because he was threatened to the point that he believes his future is in jeopardy if he would continue exposing that. He did have information that would have been damaging to certain agencies, but they would have taken him to federal court, which he couldn’t afford financially, let alone what else they might have done. Jake’s lawyer said it would have cost at least $100,000 to get their charge dismissed.

Zero evidence of Saudi Prince being there. The theory started with the video of the guy walking across the floor of the Tropicana who like like the prince, who turned out to be an off-duty security guard.

The Israel supporters then pushed the Saudi theory. “That theory was completely without merit. There’s zero evidence that Mohammed bin Salman was staying either at the Mandalay Bay or up above it that night.”

Then it morphed into the helicopter theory: “The whole Saudi gunship theory…all of that has been thoroughly been debunked….”

The Hoover argument that a predator drone hunting assassins was circling over Mandalay turned out to be a Cessna. Jake showed the tail number.

Jake discovered that his theory on the Paddock brothers owning property next to Bohemian Grove was false. It was a different Paddock family.

Reports of shootings after the concert shooting stopped are so many and solid, including police scanner reports, that there is no doubt something significant  happened. Saw no evidence of anyone shot in the hotels, other than possibly the guy who was laying on the floor face-down in Mandalay Bay. “I believe most of these events were diversionary.” I think there were multiple teams up and down the strip that were firing either live rounds into the air or blanks. I think the point was to create diversions, and get the ambulances and the police, going all over the place, spreading them thin so they could not respond collectively all in the one place.

Other shootings could have just been a diversion.

“I do believe that Steven Paddock was up there shooting. I don’t necessarily believe he was the only one up there.”

Some of Jake’s comments he posted during the livestream:

I believe that Paddock was on the 32nd floor and fired guns. I don’t agree with the theories that say that Paddock was only a patsy who didn’t do anything wrong.

Copters fly over the strip like crazy, non-stop. It’s a huge tourist attraction.

Anne, you are simply wrong. I saw damage from bullet holes at the venue with my own eyes and I interviewed people who lost family members. It wasn’t a fake event.

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🔴 The Myth of the Lone Las Vegas Gunman Debunked – Jake Morphonios Red Pill Expo

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