Bombshell Assad Interview MEDIA IGNORES! Why Are We In Syria?

It’s horrible what the US and Israel have done to Syria covertly through ISIS, and then openly push the propaganda created by the “White Helmets,” who staged the fake chemical attacks. Assad is a wonderful, gentle leader who had brought Syria into near first world status with religious freedom. And TalmudVision, including Fox News mocks him, and won’t air this interview.

And why don’t most “Christians” in America care, when Jesus said: “Blessed are the *peacemakers*, for they shall be called the *children of God*.”

Most “Christians” in America aren’t real Christians. Real Christians must be peacemakers according to what Jesus said in Matthew 5, quoted above.

Syria: Assad accuses US of ‘supporting terrorism’ in rare interview *EXCLUSIVE* *PARTNER CONTENT*

Nov 11, 2019


Syrian President Bashar al-Assad accused the US for ‘supporting terrorism’ in an exclusive interview with RT in Damascus, aired on Monday.

In his first interview in more than a year Assad said that it was necessary to express his position as ‘the public opinion in the world, and especially in the West has been shifting during the last few years.’

“Officials have said so many lies about what’s going on in the region, in the Middle East, in Syria, in Yemen. They know that was a lie,” said Assad.

He said that the interests of Syria were different from those of the US. Assad stressed that while Syria is ‘killing terrorists in order to protect civilians, not leaving those innocent civilians under the rule of terrorists and killed by terrorists’, the US is pushing through the political process that it ‘couldn’t get through demonstrations first, and through terrorism later.’

Assad said that al-Qaeda was ‘a proxy’ against the Syrian, Russian and Iranian governments, because even among the members of the volunteer organization White Helmets, which has the support of the British government, as well as the funding of the American president are ‘the same faces.’

‘The same one in the White Helmets was a fighter with al-Qaeda’ and ‘the same one who has been beheading, or cutting head, and one of them was eating the heart of a soldier,’ said the Syrian president.

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