Grass-Fed vs Grass Finished Beef: Big Difference

A local butcher told me their “grass fed” beef wasn’t grass finished; though, it’s labelled as “grass fed” — what Berg is saying here. The butcher said grass finished beef has yellow fat instead of white, for example Kerrygold butter and cheese from Ireland is naturally yellow.

The fats in completely grass fed beef is much healthier, and grain finished beef is usually fed GMO corn. Both of those reasons make grass finished beef far healthier than “grass fed” but grain finished beef.

Grass-Fed vs Grass Finished Beef: Big Difference

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I wanted to create this short video to really emphasize that grass-fed beef is not the same as grass-finished beef. 

Grass-finished beef vs. grass-fed beef (grain-finished beef)

Grass-finished beef:

• 0 grains

• All grass

• Takes 30 months

Grain-finished beef:

• 150 days GMO grains

• Takes between 10-14 months

• Digestive gas (10x more acid in their intestines and less fermentation)

Just because something says it’s grass-fed does not mean it’s grass-finished. If it doesn’t say it’s grass-finished, then it’s grain-finished. Organic also does not mean grass-fed or grass-finished. 

Organic means:

• No pesticides

• No hormones

• No antibiotics

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