Israel’s $Multi-Billion Diamond Exports Funds 88% of IDF and Mossad — Diamonds on women’s fingers shed blood

The Kimberley Process: Israel’s multi-billion dollar blood diamond laundry 

Last week there was a callous, brutal attack on a sleeping family in their home in Gaza which killed a husband and wife, blowing their shredded bodies across a street; the ensuing bombardment killed 34 people including a family of eight. That this was all done by a leading member of the global diamond industry illustrates starkly the magnitude of the “conflict free” fraud perpetrated by that industry.

Few people are aware that diamonds are Israel’s number one manufacturing export, a “cornerstone” of its economy. According to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, that economy generates 88 per cent of the vast security budget that funds the Israel Defence Forces, [and security agencies] Mossad and Shin Bet.”

The Jerusalem Post indicates that, “Israel turns over about $28 billion in diamonds a year.


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