Rivero: Impeachment cranked up when Trump refused to attack Iran | No 2nd term: deep forces will do anything to stop reelection

Interesting What Really Happened Show today — some highlights:

25:30-42:30 Amazing woman caller from Wisconsin for 17 minutes!

“Did you notice the impeachment really started to crank up when Trump refused to launch an attack on Iran, following the shoot-down of the drones?” – Mike Rivero @ 21:30

” I don’t think he’s going to win a second term. I think there are forces within the government that are going to do anything to keep him from having a second term, because in a second term Trump could be Trump. He wouldn’t owe anybody anything; he wouldn’t be worrying about reelection….” Mike Rivero @ 23:50

46:20 How the fake chemical attack in Syria was fabricated by the OPCW.

1:20:35 How the ADL is trying to destroy the 1st Amendment

1:32:35-1:43:20 The amazing Lauren in Ohio on for 11 minutes! She used to call into The Power Hour often!

What Really Happened: Mike Rivero Monday 11/25/19: Today’s News Talk Show

Ron Gibson

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