E. Michael Jones on ‘False Flag Weekly News’ – December 2019

Two former professors unite!

20:35: EMJ tells another aspect of the “me too” movement: “…it turns out that every single lady who claimed to be molested by Harvey Weinstein had a sex tape on the internet. … You slept with a guy to get the job. You engaged in couch casting. That leads to feelings of self- revulsion. And that leads to at a certain point an outbreak of moral panic. And I think that’s what happened here, not that I’m trying to defend what Harvey Weinstein did.”

39:30: Kevin Barrett: Afghanistan poppies are being refined in Pakistan, and then are flown to North America, Europe and elsewhere on U.S. Global Hawk drones.

40:45 EMJ’s appearance on the Alex Jones Show

55:50 The caged nativity scene


False Flag Weekly News – December 2019


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