Rep. Adam Schiff possibly exposed as double agent for Mossad, as social media post shows


Here is the strange 2017 Rep. Schiff Fathers Day post from Rep. Schiff’s social media that has surfaced this week online, and it almost looks like Rep. Schiff may be a double agent acting on behalf of Israel’s Mossad. We already had another confirmation this week highlighting that Epstein was part of a blackmail operation for Israel’s Mossad by a former CIA operative turned whistleblower, and now we have this 2017 social media post from Rep. Schiff surfacing where his son is wearing a Mossad t-shirt…That Schiff doesn’t seem to mind his son wearing. We already know Rep. Schiff is very heavily involved with the Ukraine as well as many other Demcrats and other countries like China…But this makes it obvious that the selling out of America goes much further than just China and the Ukraine.


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