Skousen: Trump Pardons the Swamp — Bernie Kerik’s corruption and crimes would fill a book!

World Affairs Brief, February 21, 2020 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.

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All of Trump’s high profile pardons this week went to swamp creatures, highlighting the principle reason why he has failed to “drain the swamp” as promised in his election bid. The problem is that Trump has no experience with the conservative world and has to rely on his Deep State advisors to present him with names to nominate for high government positions. The latest instance of this is his nomination of Richard Grenell, an openly gay ambassador to Germany and a Deep State operative, to be the acting Director of National Intelligence (DNI). Of course, if Trump really did nominate a true conservative, the controlled media, Democratic Congressmen, and his own bureaucracy fight him tooth and nail and none would ever be confirmed. When the media and Congress go along with nominees who are part of the Deep State, they pass with little or no opposition and Trump ads it to his list of bragging rights for “successes” in his administration, without realizing he is adding dirty water to the swamp of globalist conspiracy into which this nation is slowly sinking.

Trump’s Pardons are Deeply Troubling:

There is an Office of Pardons within the Trump administration, staffed with Deep State actors who do their best to avoid pardoning anyone really worthy, such as a dozen or more people in jail for violating the FDA’s vendetta against natural medical cures.  Here is a recent case….

Instead of granting clemency in outrageous cases like this, Trump ends up pardoning people whose crimes were so deep that even with Deep State immunity, they ended up in prison. To decide who gets pardoned, Trump relies on either the Pardons Commission or big donors who get through to Trump with a petition of pardon. Both are interested only in getting corrupt buddies or Deep State operatives out of prison. Here is some background on Trump’s worst picks for pardon:

Bernie Kerik

I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw his name on the list. Bernie Kerik has a long history of corruption and links to former Deep State NY Mayor Rudy Giuliani. His corruption and crimes would fill a book. Here are some of the things just from what I have covered about him in the WAB archives, going back to 2004. Much of this dirt on Kerik came to light after Giuliani recommended him to president Bush to head up Homeland Security. Bush, being a Deep State lackey, immediately nominated him for the job. …

So this is the man and the indictment which Donald Trump deemed worthy of a pardon. You can’t get more Deep State corruption than Bernie Kerik unless you are talking Hillary Clinton or Jeffrey Epstein. It is probable that it was Giuliani who got this pardon placed before Trump.

Michael Milken

Milken was the quintessential Jewish hustler on Wall Street, and made a fortune by bending the rules on bond trading and creating a huge market for junk bonds, which eventually hurt a lot of investors financially. …

But why would someone who is already out of prison deserve a pardon? Milken is currently under a lifetime ban from engaging in market trading….

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