E. Michael Jones: Black Proxy Warriors Turn On Their Talmudic Creators

The main problem is the Talmud!

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Black Frankenstein Turns on its Jewish Creators

March 03, 2020/ E. Michael Jones

If we look into what has been happening in New York City lately, we discover that the details reveal a completely different story, primarily because all of the perpetrators of anti-Semitic violence so far have been Black. The Jersey City attack which left four people dead was perpetrated by a bizarre religious sect known as the Black Hebrew Israelites.[3] The Hanukkah attack in Monsey was carried out by a machete wielding Black psycho who had stopped taking his meds. Beyond that there were the attacks which were too trivial to make the headlines. Surveillance camera footage captured the image of an obviously Jewish Hasid, a group locally known as “beards,” having a chair thrown at him by three Blacks while walking down a street in Brooklyn. Incident after incident reveals a huge reservoir of Black-Jewish animosity, but nothing even remotely resembling white racism. …

To attribute behavioral characteristics to skin color is a fantasy, but to attribute behavioral characteristics to the people who look to the Talmud for spiritual guidance is not a fantasy projected on a blank slate; it is, as Heinrich Graetz pointed out, a description which corresponds to the reality of who these people are and why they act in a certain way. …

What they forgot to tell us is that the main cause of anti-Semitism in the Black community is Jewish behavior. …

Because Black leaders are installed by the banks, there is no Black leadership, and because there is no leadership Blacks take the law into their own hands. The clearest manifestation of this lack of leadership is the predictable attempt to portray the current Jewish-Black conflict as an essentially racial conflict  between blacks and “whites.” In this regard, Al Sharpton has followed the example of James Baldwin….

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