MEDIA IGNORES NATURAL REMEDIES that could stop this destruction of America!

I just saw this post:

‘This system is doomed’: Doctors, nurses sound off in NBC News coronavirus survey

It seems to me that our medical system being overwhelmed by Covid-19 is largely BECAUSE “love of money” driven Big Pharma REJECTS NATURAL, INEXPENSIVE and effective methods as simple as liposomal vitamin C, quercetin, garlic, horseradish and coconut oil/coconut oil (coconut cream is great in coffee and high in selenium, another key, God-made substance many are deficient in). Probably all of the seriously ill are extremely low in vitamin D, also very inexpensive. If they really cared for the elderly…. There is also relatively inexpensive, simple and noninvasive ozone therapy.

So everyone is in a panic as the USA is now being destroyed through lockdowns.

Steve and Jana Ben-Nun interviewed a doctor who showed how liposomal C solves this, and YouTube took their video down!

Most of Big Pharma’s patented $$$$$ methods don’t work because they don’t kill viruses.

We’re getting jacked!

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