Dr. Berg: Thymus, the Missing Link in Viral Protection – Vitamin D, Zinc & Iodine for Covid-19

Thymus, the Missing Link in Viral Protection

Apr 15, 2020

Dr. Eric Berg DC

Learn how to support the thymus gland for better viral protection. 



0:08 What is the thymus?

0:37 Thymus function

1:37 What are T cells?

6:33 What is a B cell?

8:17 Zinc and the thymus gland 

8:32 How to support the thymus gland 

Today we’re going to talk about the thymus gland in relation to viruses. 

What is the thymus?

The thymus is a very important lymph gland located right above the heart. When you’re born, the thymus is large, and as you get older, it shrinks. 

The thymus has a very important primary function called central tolerance. Tolerance is all about preventing a self-attack. You don’t want your own immune system to go rogue and destroy your own tissues. 

T cells — T cells are developed in the thyroid gland. 

There are three types of T cells:

• Killer cells — Kill viral infected cells (needs iodine)

• Helper T cells — Tag viruses for other cells to kill (needs vitamin D)

• Regulatory cells — Keep the immune system from overreacting (needs vitamin D)

B cells — B cells are developed in the bone marrow. 

B cells make antibodies. Antibodies tag pathogens so other cells can kill them. But, antibodies can’t really do anything once the virus gets into the cell. That’s where helper T cells come in. 

Antibodies are specific to certain pathogens. Your body has the ability to develop an incredible number of different antibodies. With enough antibodies, you could have resistance or protection to pretty much anything. 

If you’re deficient in zinc, this situation can cause your thymus to shrink, and you’re not going to have all of the above functions.

How to support the thymus gland:

• Zinc 

• Vitamin D

• Iodine

• Keeping stress low 

• Avoiding sugar

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