(vid) Covid-19 Patients are Being Murdered – ICU nurse’s testimony – They’re not using HCQ, zinc, vitamin C, high doses of vitamins A & D. “THEY LAUGH at that”

Nurse tells NYC ICU nurse friend’s experience working in a covid unit! MUST WATCH, only 10 minutes!

Intubators are the last resort, but NYC hospitals are using them instead of HCL+zinc, IV vitamin C+zinc, etc., treatments that would keep most off the intubators. Patients are isolated from family and sign the waivers to be ventilated, where they then die. Nurses don’t even watch the patients, not even going in their rooms often, which is not protocol ordinarily. They’re being seen as heroes, when many are callous and not heroic at all.

This is criminal!

I transcribed word for word:

“There’s no hydroxychloroquine. They’re not using that combination with Zithromax [Z-Pac]. They’re not using zinc, vitamin C, high doses of vitamins A and D. They laugh at that. This is what she’s told me: ‘they laugh at that.’ … It’s a horror movie, she says, not because of the disease, but because of the way it’s being handled. …Nurses are being celebrated as heroes…. But we have nurses being celebrated as heroes who are killing people. They’re not heroes. … People are dying that don’t have to die. … There’s no family there, so they’re not being held accountable. … They’re being scared into being giving consent to be intubated, and then for a lot of them it’s over. … Buck the system. Something is wrong with the system. Go against the grain. … Demand less invasive ventilation methods. As soon as you give that consent [to be intubated] you may not come out of it. … The ventilators are making people worse. … People are being murdered and no one cares — horrible care.”

Covid 19 patients are being Murdered: A Nurse Practitioner speaks out.

Apr 26, 2020

*Mirrored* A Nurse Practitioner speaks out on the travesty her friend is witnessing in New York Hospitals. Ventilators are being used to kill patients. Mass neglect and Mal- practice. Lack of critical thinking People are dying who don’t have to die Make this Viral!!! Share and Mirror

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