#LIVE: Minneapolis Responds To Police Murder of George Floyd — and the Lockdown

The covid lockdown absolutely fueled and helped justify this extreme revengeful act in at least some. Here is the quote from the “we will burn this down” guy in the green balaclava who says he lost his job during the covid lockdown, and is now standing up for his rights. This isn’t just about George Floyd and police brutality. [Audio is at 3:23:50. Video is 3 minutes earlier. This replay is that far out of synch.] He says:

“We have plenty of structures that need burning. … We’re going to do it ourselves. It’s easy work. It ain’t nothing to us. We built this country, and we will burn it down. … This is justified. If you look at me, and see a colored man on unemployment, just know I worked proudly. I was proud of my trade. I lost my job during this, and I’m standing up for my rights.”

#LIVE: Minneapolis Responds To Police Murder of George Floyd


Unicorn Riot is streaming live as protesters seek justice for George Floyd who was unarmed and handcuffed when he was murdered by Minneapolis police Monday night.

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