Actual Alaska Coronavirus Stats – Truth Matters!

Posted 8/4/20

As we head into another mandated ‘hunker down’ period starting tomorrow in Anchorage due to the dramatic and terrifying surge of Covid-19 ‘cases’ and the accompanying media predictions of death and destruction, overwhelmed hospitals, few remaining ventilators, and doctors faced with decisions on who to treat and who to let die, here are the actual current statistics for Alaska:

O.44% of Alaska’s population is currently listed as positive for Covid-19. (3,280)

0.003% of Alaska’s population is currently in the hospital for Covid-19. (27 – Note: This number has DECLINED despite assurances it was going to increase dramatically to justify the new hunker down.)

0.8% of the total current positive Covid-19 tests are hospitalized. Read it again. 0.8% positives went to the hospital.

0.003% of Alaska’s population has died from Covid-19. (23)

About the overwhelmed hospitals:

596 out of 1400 hospital beds statewide are empty.

815 out of the 842 occupied beds are non-Covid patients.

260 out of the 286 available ventilators are unused.

23 out of the 26 ventilators currently in use are by NON-Covid patients.

77 out 163 ICU beds are empty. There is no current published data on how many Covid patients are in ICU.

99.2% of the positive cases experience moderate, mild, or no symptoms whatsoever. 99.2%.

This is a new and highly contagious respiratory infection. Normal, reasonably healthy immune systems experience some minor illness and fight it off just like every other pathogen we encounter on a daily basis. A very small fraction of the population has a greater risk just as they do with all other respiratory infections.

All of these numbers came from the Alaska DHSS website as of today. High risk individuals as well as those uncomfortable with ANY amount of risk for this disease should take extraordinary precautions to prevent exposure. The rest of us need to be free to start living our lives normally again.

PS: I know this really ticks some of you off, but I just can’t stay silent while this is happening to our lives and our society. The destruction of this virus is DWARFED by the destruction of the response to it.

I wrote: Could this stat also be added?

Out of a population of 750,00, we’ve only had 136 total hospitalizations *throughout this event* in all Alaska hospitals. So only 0.018% of all Alaskans have been in the hospital listed as “covid” during this entire event! This number is incredibly low, and most Alaskans don’t seem to realize this fact. In the rare times the media does report this number, they just say “total hospitalizations,” which most people don’t realize means the total number throughout this event. Dan Fagan is a glowing exception, who has many times explained this.

Alaska’s covonavirus response website doesn’t help in that it doesn’t clearly explain what this “Hospitalizations” number really is. It says “total” in fine print, but doesn’t explain what “total” means. Many will see this number in big print and think it’s the current number. I wasn’t sure until I heard Dan Fagan explain it. TV news certainly is not.

The number seems to be artificially going up at a higher rate lately. I’m guessing this is not because more people are checking into the hospital to get treated for covid, but they’re in the hospital for other reasons and were tested positive for covid after entering. Before, the hospitals were almost empty. Now people are showing up for other things, but are considered “covid” even if they’re not being treated for covid.

About a week ago, they stated there were only 3 “covid” people in ICU, one on a ventilator. If people were seriously sick from covid, wouldn’t they mostly be in the ICU; though, dozens were listed as hospitalized for “covid?”

Are they counting people in the hospital as “covid” who are not even in the hospital for covid?

Are they being honest with their numbers? Is the actual number of “total hospitalizations” much lower than 136?

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