(vid) Anchorage Dictator Mayor Ethan Berkowitz & His “Walk of Shame!” – Strong Direct Protest!

Shocking, in Anchorage, Alaska 8/11/20!

Mayor Berkowitz strongly confronted, having abused his emergency powers to shut down businesses and churches while Anchorage has the lowest covid stats in the nation! Dan Fagan explained on his show, 8/11/20:

“Why is Berkowitz shutting down the economy when we’re the least most deadly state in the nation when it comes to covid-19? … There’s not a state in the nation that is safer when it comes to covid-19 than Alaska. When you look at the death per 100,000, we are the lowest in the nation. New York has a death rate forty times higher than Alaska, and you can have a nice meal in a restaurant in NYC right now.” LISTEN

The counsel also passed an unpopular, California-style homeless solution, using CARES money in appropriately.

Politadick’s video notes:

After a Very Long Night…. Dictator Mayor Ethan Berkowitz and his very Far Left Assembly finally decided to come out at Midnight tonight. After having Closed Door testimonies about how they plan on Spending the $156 Million of the Cares Act Money.

Comment posted on Save Anchorage:

Sara Boyer I was there until the last people left the lot. I believe that what you saw there was the result of a few very important things:

– We have been locked down for close to 5 months. We were initially told it was the prepare the hospitals from an onslaught of sick people. That never happened. That never came close to happening.

– From the start of the lock down small businesses have bore the financial brunt of these lock downs. Restaurants have still not been able to reopen to full capacity 5 months later, and bars are shutdown again. Humpy’s just wrote a letter to the assembly stating they may have to close permanently this winter. A few have already closed permanently.

– Most recently, 2 local diners were taken to court with in 5 & 7 days of first posted notice because the “broke the mandate”. Now whatever side of the fence you land on with that, one thing is clear. The muni likes to pick & choose when it cares about the community’s “safety”. There are needles in parks, heroin houses close to schools that residents have been fighting the muni on taking down for up to three years.

– CARES act funding was supposed to be given to us and out of $150 mil and how much was allotted to small businesses? 7 mil.

– We weren’t allowed in the chambers, at all, but we can go buy curtains at Target or shop for new washers & dryers at Lowe’s.

– We can’t go to church service and parents entire worlds have been flipped upside down to figure out schooling in the fall.

– Some people haven’t been able to work a normal schedule with consistent income in months.

– Constant tried to have us removed from the lawn.

– We were repeatedly called racists by multiple Assembly members and then labeled as a riot.

That’s just sh** I can think of while typing this – there’s so so much more. People are pissed. Real pissed.  …

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