COLLIDE – Film Documentary Anchorage Protest 2020 Official


New mini-documentary named “COLLIDE” from a protest at the city assembly meeting in Anchorage, Alaska. The protest is in regards to City Council wanting to spend CAREs Act money on buildings (hotel and others) for the homeless, payroll budgeted from 2019, church restrictions, Use of Force changes to the police department and more. City Assembly members locked out the public which is against city and state law and did not allow for comments except by phone for a few. Included is the pain and suffering of businesses going out of business, layoffs and more.

The passion that could be seen in the people protesting was coming from their hearts, not through hate. It was peaceful by those attended and people made sure that cars where not blocked, people were not harassed and respect was given. The mini-documentary tried to capture those feelings. Whether you believe one way or another, stop the arguments and come together for common good of all.

Their comment:

The purpose of the documentary was not solely about the protest. It was to show how people throughout the community have been impacted by our elected officials. Many people in our community are oblivious as to what is happening to the people of our community as they only see what is being pushed in the news on tv and in print. Everyday people are truly hurting by loss of jobs, businesses being closed, not being able to source food and the list goes on and on. This video was to increase awareness as to what is happening to our neighbors and loved ones. So many people in our community are only focusing on their own surroundings and are clueless to what is happening right next door to them.

COLLIDE – Mini Documentary Anchorage Protest 👉 Film Documentary Anchorage Protest 2020 Official

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