August 31st, 2020

Together with Stelios Papagrigoriou, we had the honor and the unique opportunity to discuss with the well-known Catholic writer, researcher, and philosopher E. Michael Jones about various important issues of our time. Some of them were the sexual “liberation”, the beginnings of sexual immorality, the REASON as a definition of logic by the ancient Greeks, and much more ..

Here is the channel of my friend Stelios, who also does an excellent job of analyzing philosophical issues of our time, and sets the example for young men and young women. Subscribe to his channel because the next interview with a guest of this range will be on his channel:

Also, Mr. Jones has been UNJUSTIFIED excluded from YouTube under the fascist regime of our time, where free speech and truth are being persecuted. No human being should be excluded from expressing his opinion, as long as he says it without violating the natural well-being of a fellow human being. So, you will now find Mr. E. Michael Jones on the following channels: and

Here is his fantastic bibliography on topics from capitalism and modern architecture to the sexual anomaly and the theorem of logic in Christianity:

This video is mirrored from the YouTube channel of Dean Saras;