Video on making videos

Sep 27, 2020

Im getting lots of queries about how I record my videos, O do hope this helps, John

This method uses standard computer, video and microphone components. There is no need to spend a lot of money on a ‘dedicated’ studio system.

We’re using a video camera pointing at a desk with a hdmi cable going into an elgato capture USB3 device – the HD 60 S.

The downward looking camera is mounted in a retort stand with a clamp, like in any chemistry lab.

Then the 2nd video is from a 1080p logitech Webcam. However, any video camera with do, use an HDMI to USB cable. Plug this into the HDMI out, in the camera.

Both devices are feeding into OBS (free software) before being recorded using the nvenc capabilities of a nvidia gtx 960 graphics card.

This is very similar to what the streamers are doing for their gaming sessions.

The microphone is a usb “blue yeti” microphone, also gets recorded using OBS.

Of course less expensive microphones would also work.

Any editing (which I try to avoid as it takes ages) after this is done using Adobe premiere elements.