Trump taking D and zinc @ 10:50.

“Vitamin D specifically has been shown to be depleted in patients who get the most severe cases” – Dr. Oskoui @ 11:35.

“Most of these kids are extremely afraid of it [covid]. And the impact of masks on 2, 3 and 4-year-olds that are wearing masks for 6, 7, 8 months, we don’t know. Then there is the risk of being tased. … One thing about the masks that really bothers me. We don’t know what they do. There’s no data…. The masks just don’t have data. …we don’t know if it does anything for you. … We just don’t know if they do anything. … It’s a false sense of security.” “[Ingraham] Biden was touching his mask several times today while he was speaking.” “That’s a problem.” – Dr. Stephen Smith @ 22:30

Dr. Scott Jensen @ 37:50.

Big Pharma protector Dr. Vin Gupta is an advisor to Biden @ 40:10.

Vitamin D3’s tremendous protection against covid, Dr. William Grace @ 41:40!

The Ingraham Angle 10/2/20 FULL SHOW – Laura Ingraham Fox News October 2, 2020

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