Omaha Mask Mandate Extension – Allie French

Allie French

There’s only so much time to get through everything you’re thinking and wanting to express – so I had to condense this quite a bit.

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Transcript and Sources with extended version:

“While you, the City Council Members, might have good intentions – what you have perpetrated on this community has had terrible outcomes. Your staff supplied 85 pages of absolute propaganda based on outright lies and manipulated data.

((85 pages from OCC… ))

All of the studies related to masks slowing the spread of covid-19 are not randomized controlled studies.

They were not evaluated for risk of bias.

They ALL were limited in the fact that they could not evaluate actual levels of compliance.

Many were funded by organizations with history of fraud, manipulated and withheld data and authors that declared conflicts of interest – i.e. receiving monetary incentive outside the study.

Almost everything else was anecdotal.

One interesting piece in there discussed reduced inoculation from wearing masks – note this is by design, if everyone can get side-effect free immunity through frequent exposures (without a mask) then there’s no need for a vaccine.

We however have provided 10 times the number of studies, almost all predating 2020, providing established and well supported evidence that masks not only don’t help but when worn by the public (almost all improperly) in contaminated environments make the situation worse.

((Can contact me for those studies) )

In fact, when you examine the actual RISKS of masks rather than just the faked “benefit” you’ll find that this is HURTING our children and most precious – and that’s on those of you whom voted for it.

No one here has discussed the FACT that these masks contain Teflon and other chemicals (they are “sterilized” with Ethylene Oxide – a known carcinogen). “…breathing these for extended periods of time can lead to lung cancer.” You can verify this by looking up the US Patent to allow manufacturers to use PTFE as a filter in commercial masks…

((Patent:… ))

Now, let’s discuss the homemade cloth mask – these masks are completely useless against a virus and are ALSO very dangerous.  Rebreathing your own viral debris is dangerous and the oxygen deprivation children suffer wearing masks all day will certainly cause brain damage.

All for a virus with a 99% survival rate.

So, while you all carry on about positive tests, tests that have absolutely zero relevance – in fact, Dr. Mike Yeadon (former Vice President and Chief Science Officer for Pfizer for 16 years) stated “…a true positive does not necessarily indicate the presence of viable virus…” These tests simply measure the presence of partial RNA sequence present in the intact virus which could be a piece of dead virus that cannot make the subject sick, cannot be transmitted, and cannot make anyone else sick.

You cannot continue to mandate masks based on tests! It’s manipulative and frankly an overstep of your legal grounds under a threat of an epidemic.

The claim was to implement this mandate in order to reduce the spread of covid-19. It’s been nearly 3 months and you have not reduced the “spread of covid-19”. Now you want to extend this mandate indefinitely?! Your metrics are absolutely unachievable. If even the common cold can result in a positive test then you will never reach the metrics you plan to implement. Especially, when you are forcing compliance of the people following the most strict restrictions, healthcare workers, people in nursing homes, college students (UNO and Creighton) and people seeking health care – we will never see an end. We did not elect your advisors, they do not get to determine how we live our lives. We have a right to choose our own preventative measures and treatments.

When you can no longer hide behind Adi Pour PHD and UNMCs manipulated graphs and fear mongering,  when “cases” continue to rise, will you re-review the duration ?

Or is this one of those vaccine cons where we just silently quit testing at some point and then shout the success of your measures because the numbers subsequently drop?

Or will we be wearing masks for the unforeseeable future?

If you cannot keep your oath to our Constitution, if you can’t be honest, if you cannot put it children and community above this agenda, you should recuse yourself.

I may look like one mom, but I speak for thousands (I am co-founder of MMAMV Nebraskans Against Government Overreach and No Mask Omaha – about 30,000 ppl) and I can affirm, “We will not comply, and we will NOT go away.” You are harming our children, our spouses, our parents, and our livelihoods directly and permanently, and you will see justice served.”

#noMandates #noMasks #beInformed #riseUP #itsCalledGovOverrreach #corruption #UnitedWeStand #unmaskthechildren