Alaska Gov. Dunleavy won’t allow recount from Dominion voting machines

Alaska uses the highly suspect Dominion voting software to count votes, and still hasn’t counted all of the votes 11 days after the election! Voting results have shifted far to the left of what they were after election night.

Joe Miller says Governor Dunleavy won’t allow a recount. And he’s been openly pushing for local officials to implement covid mandates, while he threatened to do so himself in his recent video that he called every cell phone in Alaska to tell us all personally.

Joe Miller on Facebook, 11/12/20 [Look for his intro to this article: Georgia Announces Full Hand-Recount for Presidential Election; DOJ Election-Crime…]

Pretty sad that Alaska, with numerous vote fraud issues in the past – including this year’s legislative races – won’t allow a hand count. Why would our Republican governor prevent that? Is he part of the problem?

Is Dunleavy compromised? He never once has mentioned vitamin D3, the main key to not getting seriously ill from covid, or C and zinc.

It’s all about staying apart, wearing masks, and he started this by unconstitutionally shutting the entire state down, which he seems to be threatening to do again in his latest video.

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