Dr. Berg: Vitamin D and Skin Color — Dark skin = natural sunscreen from cancer & vitamin D absorption, 3-5x less!

Dark skin = natural sunscreen from cancer & vitamin D absorption, 3-5x less!

Dark skin requires 3-5 times the amount of sun exposure (UV radiation) to get the same amount of vitamin D as light skin.

“The darker the skin the more vitamin D you need to consume or be exposed to from sun.”

Vitamin D and Your Skin Color

Dr. Eric Berg DC

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Here are a few important things you need to know about vitamin D and your skin color.


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Today let’s talk about vitamin D and skin type. The pigment in your skin (melanin) has an interesting function of acting as a filter for UV light. So it could potentially prevent the harmful rays that could cause cancer. So, the more melanin you have in your skin, the more protection you may have against skin cancer.

The darker the skin, the more melanin, the more natural sunscreen a person has to protect against UV light. But, people who have more melanin may have a greater risk of having a vitamin D deficiency. They might need three to five times more vitamin D than someone with much less melanin.

Also, if you have liver or kidney problems, you may not be able to convert the pre-vitamin D (the inactive form) to the active form of vitamin D that you need.

Most tests only check for the inactive form of vitamin D and not the active form of vitamin D. If you have a liver or kidney problem, and your vitamin D levels appear normal, know that the test could be misleading.

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