Melissa Dykes: Do You See What I See? — This reality divide, hyper-polarization. The golden rule is being thrown out

My loose transcription, starting a 8 minutes into the video:

I know people personally who do whatever they can to avoid looking into a mirror, not wanting to face themselves, and they start to become the very things they supposedly stand against.

I think this is why people spend so much time going outside of themselves, instead of dealing with things that are going on inside.

People’s experiences differ greatly so they see the same things differently.

13:00 There’s this reality divide that’s happening and becoming increasingly obvious.

People dress themselves up in labels, take sides, and then fight and hate online, which furthers the divide.

Many now assume a person is a certain way and then argue with their assumption about that person.

Many have done complete 180s in this last year, standing now for what they recently spoke out against. Many are now applauding authoritarianism, making appeal-to-authority arguments, which relies on faith in authority figures instead of facts.

The golden rule is being thrown out of the window as people try to force their authoritarian rules and policies on others, calling people names who don’t go along.

Hyper-polarization of these groups.

Do You See What I See?

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