Skousen: The Trump Movement is Being Led Astray — Wild claims about “insiders” going to stop the steal and install Trump

World Affairs Brief, January 15, 2021 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.

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As Trump had his Twitter feed cut off and his communications with supporters hobbled by the media onslaught and impeachment proceedings, disinformation experts were talking to dozens of Trump loyalists pushing a variety of bizarre claims that Trump was still going to prevail and get a second term. Way too many Trump supporters are believing these incredible stories. It is no longer just the Qanon false claims filtering down through social media. Now there are real people calling up respected former generals and lying to them.

It is so brazen now, and so convincing that when it fails to materialize it will utterly discredit good people like Generals Flynn, McInerny and others who naively believe these Deep State disinformation sources, masquerading as their friends. I strongly believe it is an attempt to guide the movement over the cliff and, perhaps, even foment a small and ill-begotten armed false flag uprising that will lead to the wholesale loss of our second amendment rights.

The most outlandish claims came from Steve Pieczenik talking this week to Alex Jones. Pieczenik is a psychologist who has worked for the shadowy part of the US military and along with others helped Tom Clancy write some of his novels. I have never trusted him and his claims because he has had so many deep connections with government, and he has been wrong a lot.

This week he told Alex that there is going to be a military coup next week reinstalling Trump as president, and that Nancy Pelosi, Liz Cheney and Mitt Romney and all other traitors will be arrested. There were many more bizarre claims, but you get the idea. He appeared so confident that he bragged to Alex that “if I’m wrong, I’ll never appear on your show again,” but “if I’m right” he wants a permanent position on the Infowars staff. I say, “good riddance” to him.

Alex quickly agreed because he suspects Pieczenik is going to be wrong. I was personally shocked, not only because of the rashness of his claims, but that he would be willing to risk all his years of influence with Jones’ audience over these wild claims.

For Pieczenik to be right, all we know about the lethal power of the Deep State and its broad reach into the media, the courts and Congress has to be overcome by these imaginary patriots doing the claimed coup—which I don’t believe for a minute exists at any level of power and authority within government.

In the first place, the Deep State has spies in every agency and branch of the military, not to mention their surveillance of all forms of electronic communication. There is no way anyone could plan a coup of this magnitude without the NSA finding out.

Second, there is no large body of patriots at the decision making levels of the FBI, CIA, NSA or military. The government sends all higher officers and State Department managers through a series of National War College schools and special indoctrination with Georgetown professors, much of which is pure globalist propaganda. They weed out almost everyone who objects or doesn’t show enthusiastic yesmanship.

Occasionally in the recent past, some honest military officers have attained high rank despite their allegiance to the constitution. Most patriotic officers aren’t allowed to see what’s going on in the dark side of the military. Two of them were Lt. Generals Tom McInerny and Michael Flynn. Both were promoted over the years because of high military value to the Pentagon, and before globalist political correctness put a stranglehold on military officers. I am sure they saw a lot of bad policy and coverup, especially when they served in Vietnam, but they have to keep relatively silent if they are going to get promoted, and all field grade officers learn this very fast.

Both are sincere patriots, and that’s why I believe they have been targeted specifically to unknowingly spread this disinformation—because 1) they were both naive enough to not see through the lie, and 2) they have honest faces and conservatives would believe them, as opposed to Steve Pieczenik who many Alex Jones listeners naturally distrust.

Alex Jones interviewed general Flynn the day before the Jan. 6 Capitol riots as I mentioned last week. Flynn was strangely over confident that Trump was going to prevail. He went over this confidence several times saying he was “100% sure” and that on a scale of 1 to 10, it was a 10 that Trump would serve a second term. This week on the Alex Jones show, I asked Alex to call Gen. Flynn and find out who told him all these things to lead to such false confidence. He declined to mention that Flynn is pretty devastated by what happened on Wednesday and isn’t speaking to Trump anymore. He ought to be more angry at the guy or guys who mislead him.

How can I be certain some “insider” is talking to Flynn and misleading him? -Because Flynn is a very disciplined General and would never be so sure unless someone who he knew from his time in government had assured him. He couldn’t have been blind after all he went through with the Deep State to not see how many powerful forces were arrayed against Trump.

By now, of course, he knows he was taken for a fool. But I also know because the other patriotic general, Gen. Tom McInerny has also been a target of these falsehoods and he has said, “I got a call…” convincing him about certain pieces of info we now know are false—good evidence that he was being fed disinformation.

In this video [which has now be put off limits by Youtube] being spread around the net by naive conservatives, it shouts, “Lt Gen Tom McInerney Must watch Everything explained!” Well, I watched it, and his explanations were worse than Flynn’s false confidence.

McInerny gave two instances showing that he’s being led astray by disinfo agents. 1) he says he was told that James Comey sold the Deep State election stealing software, Hammer and Scorecard to China. The fact that he doesn’t give a source means that he was told this by someone—which I think is disinfo again. What purpose would the Deep State have in selling this to China, other than to leak a falsehood so they can divert attention away from domestic election fraud? And how would James Comey have access to Hammer and Scorecard software to sell to China? These are obvious flaws in the disinformation, that McInerny should have seen through.

And, by the way, the election wasn’t stolen using Hammer and Scorecard which McInerny says adjusts the percentages by algorithms to make sure Biden wins by a minimum percentage. It was done by manual manipulation at certain times and places by Deep State people logging into the computer in real time and switching votes and deleting votes for Trump, not by computer algorithm alone. The Edison Data showed when this instances of vote manipulation happened and in what quantity as I covered in pasts briefs. Past forensic analysis of Dominion logs show that humans log in and change votes. If it is all computerized, that wouldn’t be necessary.

2) The second hint of disinfo is when he said he “got a call” telling him the “Pakistani ISI was logged into the Georgia computers and stealing the election from the Republicans.” No way he could have got this intel except by a person he knows from inside government claiming to be our friend. But I can tell you, there was no need of Pakistani intervention. Dominion can and did do these interventions in real time from any number of places inside or outside the US since the machines are connected to the internet at all times—which is a violation of federal voting computer standards.

He then he foretells a natural question from Trump supporters, “Why don’t they (meaning the patriots inside government) stop this ongoing vote fraud if they know about it?” “Because,” he says, “they are letting it happen and then they will present the evidence to the American people and prove the fraud.”

This is similar to the Q disinformation—Trump is holding back and setting a trap (e.g. the ballots have a water mark, it is claimed) and after the fraud the trap will be sprung and the Deep State people will all be arrested. Baloney. There were no universal federal watermarks on all ballots, and Trump never sprung the trap.

The Georgia election is now over and we have evidence it was stolen, so what are they waiting for? —It is all a lie. You will never see the info McInerny talks about presented to the public, if it hasn’t come out now. I keep asking my Q believing subscribers, “When will you be convinced these good people are being fooled? –Maybe after Jan 20th?”

I have received many videos from conservatives promoting the same or similar wild claims about “insiders” that are going to stop the steal and install Trump. Here is one that claims “On POTUS’ order, A state of temporary military control will be actioned and special ops carried out.”

Here’s another claiming the Inauguration has been cancelled, and Trump will remain president indefinitely until all the bad guys are arrested, and all the mainstream media lose their licenses! The Deep State is seeing if Trump supporters have any limit to the fake intel they will believe. By how many forward these crackpot claims, it doesn’t look like there’s any limit.

Here is one that was sent out by the Republican Chair of Nye County Nevada that got conservatives hopeful. It too falsely claimed patriots were going to intervene and restore Trump. Common targets of disinformation include attorneys Lin Wood, Sidney Powell, Scott McKay and Simon Parkes from the UK.

Sadly, some people are forever destined to be led astray by false hope. Every time these bogus claims get forwarded it damages the credibility of conservatives, and makes it harder to convince others of the truth. It also puts you on lists of government dissidents. That’s what NSA spying is really all about—domestic spying, finding out who they will have to deal with when war comes and we see real martial law.

Ultimately, I think there is an even more sinister plot behind this disinformation as I mentioned earlier—to goad the macho-militia types within the Trump crowd (like those that got caught up in the moment of the Capitol riots and flooded in after the agent provocateurs bashed in the doors) into staging some kind of armed revolution, with the false promise that there is a secret cadre of patriots inside the government and US military that are going to support them once they start it. It will be a trap, driven by infiltrators in the Trump movement.

Just like the Deep State infiltrates all of the private militias around the country, they also infiltrate these Trump rallies with agent provocateurs. No, I not talking about BLM/Antifa Marxists who infiltrate just to make trouble; I am talking about real trained infiltrators like Timothy McVeigh who was recruited in the military and trained by the dark side of the CIA to commit terrorism in the name of the right wing—the Oklahoma City bombing.

The Italian Job: There is yet another disinformation story that made even larger headlines among the alternative media this week: the claim that an Italian military contractor with communications satellites handled the uploading of election data and beamed it to Italians who manipulated the vote on behalf of Dominion. The anonymous whistleblower claimed that the US embassy in Rome directed the operation, and that because of it the Conte government in Italy is in danger of being ousted. To enhance the story they even put on video an Italian judge, who could barely read English, telling the world what this witness said in the court room to confirm the plot.

First of all, no judge is ever going to be allowed to make a video of things said in a court room during an ongoing trial or investigation. Second, the Deep State doesn’t need to upload anything through Leonardo’s satellite system in order to steal the vote, and it certain doesn’t need any supercomputers to do it.

I suspect this entire “Italian Job” claim may be aimed at destabilizing the fragile coalition government of PM Giuseppe Conte. And, it may be another diversion to take the heat off Dominion, and also rile up Trump supporters who have been propagandized incessantly about Trump being able to use his Executive Order about foreign election interference to declare an emergency and prosecute the threat.

But as I said earlier, the EO only allows for sanctions on a country, and Trump can’t prosecute anyone unless he has proof of who was calling the shots behind the election fraud—and, only the NSA would know that from intercepts. And they will never help expose their fellow deep state criminals.

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