Skousen: Capitol Violence Investigation Completely One-sided

World Affairs Brief, March 5, 2021 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.

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Capitol Violence Investigation Completely One-sided

FBI director Christopher Wray told the Senate hearing on Capitol Violence that there is “no evidence” that Antifa, Left-Wing groups played any role in the January 6 Capitol riot.

How then does he explain the arrest of John Sullivan, the public face of Left wing violence and activism in Utah, who was involved in the riots, and appears at the front of the groups first entering the capitol and was filmed with the group bashing in the doors of the House chamber just before was Ashli Babbitt was shot? Why were busloads of Antifa and BLM activists unloaded at the protests if not there to cause conflict with Trump supporters? They certainly didn’t appear in any counter-protests that day.

The Senate has received a lot of testimony about how Capitol police officers were involved in allowing the protestors to enter the Capitol building uninhibited, but all of it is downplayed. So is the failure of the National Guard to intervene. Now we know why. The Secretary of Defense refused to authorize their use for over 3 hours after they were requested by Capitol Police. CNS News reports on the testimony of the DC National Guard Chief:

Major General William Walker, the commanding general for the District of Columbia National Guard, told Congress on Wednesday… [that] because of bureaucratic restrictions and delays up the chain of command, Walker said it took three hours and 19 minutes for guardsmen to finally respond to “a frantic call” for help from then-Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund.

Like all major Congressional investigations that involve the Deep State, whether it is the attack on the World Trade Center, the Benghazi fiasco, or the Capitol violence it always ends up being a whitewash, and Congress never asks witnesses to reveal who issued the stand down orders that could have stopped the attacks before they happened or while in progress.

As the Gateway Pundit revealed, “Speaker Nancy Pelosi and GOP Leader Mitch McConnell also refused National Guard support before the announced protests on January 6th.”

In a Wash Post interview with the Washington DC police chief, Steve Sund, The National Pulse reports the outgoing police chief “believes his efforts to secure the premises were undermined by a lack of concern from House and Senate security officials who answer directly to Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate leader Mitch McConnell.”

To be on the safe side, Sund asked House and Senate security officials for permission to request that the D.C. National Guard be placed on standby in case he needed quick backup. But, Sund said Sunday, they turned him down.”

John Falcicchio, chief of staff for D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser admitted: “Literally, this guy is on the phone, I mean, crying out for help. It’s burned in my memories.” This is just the latest example of the Democrats lying and blaming their failures on Donald Trump.

Former Sergeant at Arms Paul Irving recalled to House Admin how previous discussions with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi… had previously impressed upon Irving that the National Guard was to remain off Capitol Grounds.

The fact that Nancy Pelosi left the US Capitol open and defenseless in early January is one thing. The fact that she lied about it and blamed her failings on President Trump is grounds for removal.

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