Skousen: US Counter to China is Too Little, Too Late

World Affairs Brief, March 12, 2021 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.

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I’ve long said in my briefings that the globalist conspiracy would always play down the Chinese threat until it was too late to stop. True to form, a Navy Admiral in command of the US Indo-Pacific region is sounding the warning that “the US losing military edge in Asia as China looks like it is planning for war.” He naively told lawmakers this week:

‘I cannot for the life of me understand some of the capabilities that they’re putting in the field, unless it is an aggressive posture’

Of course it is aggressive. The reason he is surprised is that like General Flynn, another non-Deep State former military leader, all top Generals and Admirals have long been propagandized at National War College courses that China and Russia will never attempt a nuclear first strike on America because we could “launch on warning” and hit back before their missiles destroyed ours.

Obviously, no one is alerting our general officers to the still secret PDD-60, Presidential Decision Directive prohibiting our missile forces from launching on warning—but instead instructing them to absorb a first strike and “retaliate later.” I’m sure they never told Pres. Trump about it either.

The head of U.S. Indo-Pacific Command told lawmakers this week that the U.S. is losing its edge over the Chinese military as the People’s Republic of China faces weakening international deterrence. “The military balance in the Indo-Pacific is becoming more unfavorable for the United States and our allies,” Davidson said.

China announced last week it will increase its defense budget by 6.8 percent in 2022, allocating $208.6 billion to their defense budget – a move that has concerned U.S. lawmakers and defense officials.

You can never trust China to tell the truth about military spending. It is always greater than claimed.

Davidson said that by 2025, China will be able to deploy three aircraft carriers, and he expressed concern surrounding the imminent threat China’s aggressive behavior poses for Taiwan… he is concerned China would invade Taiwan within the next six years.

But Davidson warned that China is rapidly building its nuclear stockpiles, telling lawmakers that if China continues to go unchecked in its nuclear development they could surpass U.S. stockpiles by 2030.

“If they triple or quadruple their stockpile, [China] could possibly have nuclear overmatch against the US before the end of this decade. Is that correct?” Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., asked the admiral. “If they were to quadruple their stockpile, yes, sir,” Davidson said.

Davidson did not state how many nuclear weapons China or the U.S. currently have, but data from the Arms Control Association lists the U.S. as having 5,800 nuclear warheads as of August 2020, though only 3,800 of them are active, while China maintains 320 warheads.

All of the figures on Chinese nukes are based on best guesses, not fact.

Under the New Start Treaty that the U.S. has entered into with Russia, the U.S. is permitted to deploy 1,550 nuclear warheads on 800 strategic launchers at a time – a figure that would still exceed China’s quadrupled nuclear capabilities.

The media keeps throwing out these kinds of numbers, the US doesn’t really know how many nukes or missiles the Russians or Chinese have. Our inspectors have never been allowed to inspect Russia’s secret bunker underground city in Yamantau Mountain (the size of the DC metro area underground). And, we have never been allowed to see inside any of China’s nuclear facilities in their estimated 3,000 miles of underground military tunnels, used to manufacture and hide weapons. Believe me, China is planning on exceeding US military capabilities including nuclear within the next 4 or 5 years.

Here is another important article on China’s new DF-21D nuclear anti-ship missile, which China intends to use to destroy an entire aircraft carrier task has the story:

[Admiral Davidson:] “These mid-range, anti-ship ballistic missiles are capable of attacking aircraft carriers in the western Pacific,” …the DF-21D is a mobile ballistic missile that can target warships and aircraft at an estimated range of 1,500km out (or approaching 1,000 miles)… it marks a “turning point” for the PLA Army – the capability of which may have been underestimated in prior Pentagon assessments:

The DF-21D is central to China’s strategy of deterring any military action off its eastern coast by threatening to destroy the major sources of U.S. power projection in the region, its carrier battle groups. The then-head of Naval Intelligence Vice Admiral Jack Dorsett told reporters in January 2011 that the Pentagon had underestimated the speed at which China developed and was fielding the DF-21D.

Then this article by the AP quotes the usual military experts who keep downplaying China’s militarization as defensive—not offensive, which it clearly is:

Hans Kristensen, a longtime watcher of U.S., Russian and Chinese nuclear forces, said the imagery suggests that China is seeking to counter what it may view as a growing threat from the United States.

The US is not only NOT a threat to China, for decades it has allowed China to spy, steal and gain through Israel, technology transfers to build their military. Watch what he says next:

There’s no indication the United States and China are headed toward armed conflict, let alone a nuclear one.

The Pentagon declined to comment on Kristensen’s analysis of the satellite imagery, but it said last summer in its annual report on Chinese military developments that Beijing intends to increase the peacetime readiness of its nuclear forces by putting more of them in underground silos and operating on a higher level of alert in which it could launch missiles upon warning of being under attack.

Notice the insertion of “peacetime” reference to China’s nuclear forces, “upon warning of being under attack.” No one in globalist military circles is willing to speak of Chinese offensive intentions such as a first strike on US military forces. They are setting us up for another Pearl Harbor “surprise attack.” Then, they write the following disinformation:

More broadly, the Pentagon asserts that China is modernizing its nuclear forces as part of a wider effort to build a military by mid-century that is equal to, and in some respects superior to, the U.S. military.

Mid-century? Who are they fooling? Others in the Pentagon say China will be on par with the US by 2030, less than 9 years away. I think it will be a bit earlier than that. The US is planning on deploying a new ICBM beginning in 2030 to replace the 400+ Minuteman missiles that now have been downgraded to a single warhead. It would probably take another decade after development and testing to deploy even a 100 new missiles. China will likely make sure she attacks before those missiles are deployed. China isn’t stupid enough to wait until mid-century to make their move. The story then makes this final claim of “not to worry” about China:

China’s nuclear arsenal, estimated by the U.S. government to number in the low 200s, is dwarfed by those of the United States and Russia, which have thousands. The Pentagon predicts that the People’s Liberation Army Rocket Forces will at least double the size of its nuclear arsenal over the next 10 years, still leaving it with far fewer than the United States.

Even if that were true, the will to use offensive weapons is much more important than mere possession—and China has the will. China’s top general says “China must prepare for an inevitable war with a ‘dominant power.’” General Xu Qiliang, second in command of China’s armed forces after Xi Jinping, believes a major war is “inevitable” because China is rising as a military power. It appears likely that China will attack Taiwan before WWIII, just as Hitler invaded other nations including Poland to test Western resolve. Australian News writes that,

US senators have warned Taiwan is “the most significant flashpoint” in the world and experts warn the “decade of concern” has begun. Taiwan is in imminent danger, the US Senate has been warned. Now the world has to decide what it will do about it.

H.R McMaster, Trump’s former National Security advisor said, “Taiwan is the next big prize” now that Beijing had entrenched itself in the East and South China Seas, he said. “What China’s trying to do is to create in the South China Sea a barrier that would make it just far too costly for us to come to any ally’s defence.” Chairman-for-life Xi Jinping “has a fleeting window of opportunity that’s closing, and he wants – in his view – to make China whole again”.

It’s those kinds of remarks on timing by China that lead me to believe China’s strike on Taiwan will come sooner rather than wait for WWIII.

“There’s a race ongoing right now to help Taiwan harden its defences to make itself indigestible,” Mr Jinping said. Anti-tank fortifications from previous conflicts line the shore along a beach in Lieyu, an outlying island of Kinmen that is the closest point between Taiwan and China.

“On the one side, you see people like Kevin Rudd saying Asia today is like Europe on the eve of the First World War and that the major powers are kind of sleepwalking towards a big conflict… And then, on the other side, you have people like Linda Jakobson from China Matters who (says) that China’s tactics are more likely to be a kind of ‘all measures short of war’ for what it calls reunification with Taiwan.”

Kevin Rudd is closer to the truth, although the West is clearly NOT sleep walking into WWIII. Our globalist leaders want war to further their globalist goals. They’ve used wars to advance globalism ever since WWI. WWII gave us the UN, but with no military, taxing or regulatory powers. That’s why PPD–60 is still in force today. It makes sure our military is decapitated in a first strike will allow the globalists to talk Americans into joining a militarized global government as the only way to fight the new war. In response, the anti-empire reports what other outlets have said:

The U.S. will bolster its conventional deterrence against China, establishing a network of precision-strike missiles along the so-called first island chain as part of $27.4 billion in spending to be considered for the Indo-Pacific theater over the next six years.

But it is too little too late. If anything, it will cause China to move more quickly against Taiwan before US missiles are deployed. Already the Philippines are refusing the US request to install missiles there. Even if the US could deploy sufficient military power to threaten China, given globalist objectives, I doubt there would be the political will to resist “a full nuclear war” over China.

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